From the heaviest I have ever been in my life...and those days weren't right now...I have lost a grand total of somewhere around 180 pounds. Hard to believe I let myself ever get that out of control. But trust me, it happens. Of course I didn't lose all of that weight at once. I have had the greatest success in the past two or so years...but the grand total is still true...and every individual pound I have lost counts towards that grand total. Over the course of all of that weight loss and self discovery I feel like I have given alot back to myself. I have given myself things like better self awareness, improved health, a longer life with my friends and family, and to some extent a happier existence in general. Well today I decided to put pride and ego aside and give myself something else that I have probably needed for a long time...a very rare day off. I worked my second job last night until about 5:30 this morning. Now usually that would give me just enough time to shower, change and run out the door to job number one....sleep usually gets to wait until I have the time. But I have been pushing myself pretty hard lately ...even for me...and at with a little nudging in the right direction from my wife, I decided to slow down for a minute and give my body a rest. So instead of coming home from work just to turn around and run back out to work, I treated myself to a good, long, solid, SLEEP.

And unfortunately, somewhere during the night last night I must have tweaked something in my lower back...OUCH! Could have been the loading of the bundles, could have been the running back and forth, could have just been one of those things...but I very reluctantly decided to give myself a night off from my beloved new P90X workout as well. I really DID give it a shot. It is a bad sign when you are in too much pain to get through the warm-up though. Tomorrow is another day...and I think that being smart here is what I really need the most. No need to push too hard and end up possibly hurting myself for a really long time, when the alternative is to just miss one day and recuperate. For now the ibuprophen has been popped, I did a nice long session of stretching my back muscles, and now I am off to bed once again. In the "Dirty Harry" movie The Enforcer, someone tells Clint Eastwood "a man has got to know his limitations." I think that for me that is a lesson that is sometimes harder to abide by than all of the physical things I have tackled up to this point. Tomorrow we get back to the grind. Starting a new diet plan (which I will share with you later on) AND day 7 of P90X...Back and Chest. Before any of that happens for me however, I will very proudly be walking my daughter to school for her very first day of 3rd grade. So proud of my little angel...truly can't wait!

Hope your night is fun-filled and pain-free!

Until tomorrow...