Okay, okay, ya got me. "K" is definitely NOT for commitment. But you have to admit, I got your attention. I absolutely can not believe how much time has passed since my last post. It is definitely true what they say. Time flies...whether you are having fun or not, apparently. For me, the past four or five weeks have brought on some very hectic times. Both personally and professionally. And while I am still hanging in there where it comes to being smart and making the right choices, it has definitely been a struggle. I am doing "okay" (the English language's most wishy-washy word - lol)...but I KNOW I could be doing better. Still trying to motivate myself every day. Which I am guessing most people can relate to. One of the ways I thought I could sort of "jump-start" myself in the motivation department was to FORCE myself to get moving. The way I did that was to sign myself up for a few 5K runs (that is where the letter K really comes in).

Between now and August I am officially signed up for FOUR of them...and I am thinking of adding one or two more. The first of those runs happens in just about three weeks...so it is DEFINITELY time to lace up my trusty running shoes and get on out there. Running has always been the difference maker for me where exercise and weight-loss is concerned. I know I have said this before, but to quote my favorite trainer, "if exercise is a tool, then running is your sledge-hammer." I feel like I have been sorta half-assing it for awhile now...and I could really use a sledge hammer right about now. So far I am jogging about a mile to a mile and a half about twice a week. I know that that just isn't going to get it done...but we all have to start somewhere. This week I will be increasing that number to three times a week...and I am going to push for two miles a night (still working off all of that Easter food). So wish me luck in my new "kommitment." I will be back here next Monday to let you know how it pans out. I'll also be getting back on the scale and chasing my goals all over again.

And of course....sharing it all with you. Have yourself a great week....thanks for checkin in with me!