In case you're wondering, the title of today's blog entry is the title of a song by the Doobie Brothers. Wanted to talk a little about running and tried to come up with something catchy and clever. As the night creeps on and fatigue sets in....then yeah.....that was the best I could come up with. I can live with it though. Hope you can too. Anyway, I have said in the past that if there is one weapon in my personal fitness arsenal that I would really like to "sharpen" these days it is without a doubt, running. Looking back over the past few years I can't deny that I have had some of my greatest weight loss accomplishments when my feet are out pounding the pavement. It is easy, simple, effective and a great stress reliever. It also builds strength, burns fat and is totally FREE. So why aren't I doing it all the time you might ask? Good question...why aren't we ALL doing it all the time I might reply? Lol. The truth is that I was pondering that very question recently...and there isn't an answer that I could come up with that satisfied me. So instead of trying to figure out an excuse of why I don't run enough...I thought it would probably be easier to just bite the bullet and run more. In fact over the past five days I am proud to report that I have gotten myself to run four times. Not always the same speed or distance...but I was out there doing it. And while many people use a good long run AS their workout for the day, I have followed the lead of my trainer and friend Jonathan, by using my runs as a WARM-UP to my workout. Today was kind of the perfect day for me from an exercise standpoint.

I started out the morning with my usual 2-plus mile walk to the train station. A great way to get the blood pumping and your internal furnace turned on (as Jonathan would say). Egg whites with spinach and fat free cheese for breakfast, salad with grilled chicken for lunch, some fruit as a snack on the way home tonight (another thing I need to do more of)...and finally, baked chicken with red beans on the side for some added protein. To wrap up my personal festivities this evening, I read my little angel Meghan to sleep, then laced up my trusty Asics gel sneaks and got my legs moving for about a mile and a half. A sloooow mile and a half mind you, but the distance doesn't become any less important if you take your time. When I was done...already sweaty and breathing heavy...the blood thundering in my ears...I bypassed the refrigerator, the couch and all of the chairs in my kitchen...and made my way down to the man cave. I am in my third full week of P90X and really enjoying it. Some of the exercises are pretty tough...but I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a challenge. Tonight was the DVD that I feel like I get the most out of...plyometrics. That's an hour of "jump training." Fast paced, high impact...excellent results. And the midnight hour approaches...I sit here in my comfy little home office room. My knee barking just enough. Feeling completely accomplished....and sniff sniff....desperately in need of a shower apparently

Time to call it a day for me. A good, strong day. Tomorrow comes early around here and my bed is waiting for me upstairs. Hope everyone reading this had a good day too. Thanks as always for checkin in. Talk to ya more tomorrow!