Right off the bat, let me just say now that I am going to keep this evening's post relatively short and sweet. Much like myself. Sorry...if you know me at all you know that I can never resist the urge for a completely corny joke. Personally I blame my Uncle Johnny, who had no problem intoducing me to the worst puns of all time while I was growing up. He once explained to me that beer makes you smart because it “made Bud-weiser.” He then went on to remind me that “if it wasn't for window blinds, it would be curtains for all of us.” I rest my case. And please don't roll your eyes or groan at me. I don't write em...I just share em. You're welcome. Lol. So anyway, why am I aiming for a shorter post tonight? well lemme tell ya, they say you are only as old as you feel, right? Well if that is the case, then I gotta tell ya, I am probably somewhere around a hundred right now. A strong hundred of course, but still...hoo boy. Didn't get to catch up on any sleep last night...and probably won't tonight either unfortunately. I am trying to get there, I really am...please believe me. Well on the positive side of things, I got in my daily 2 mile walk to the LIRR this morning. Then from the moment I got to work, I was constantly running all day. All of the leftover furniture from our old office is being picked up tomorrow. So anything we were keeping has to be out of the old office and into the new...today. I don't know exactly what kind of offical workout you could label that as...

...but trust me...after 8 solid hours of running boxes, filing cabinets, appliances and a literal MOUNTAIN of newspapers from the 13th floor to the 5th floor and back again...much of it on your own (I am not complaining...just saying)...you will “feel the burn” for sure. And if that wasn't enough, I went to visit my mom in her rehab center after work, RAN to make my train (in the pouring rain), got home to my Long Island palace at about 8:45pm...only to turn around and drive Meghan BACK into Queens an hour or so later. She is going upstate with my wife's family today and they asked that we drop her off the night before. We have a reputation for being late for EVERYTHING...so I guess they were just covering their bases. Can't say I blame them really. My little girl is lucky I love her so much...because let me tell you, the absolute LAST place I wanted to be at 10:30 tonight was in traffic on the L.I.E. While we were driving in Meg actually thanked me for taking her...she said she loved me and she really appreciated it. I told her that there is nothing in the world that I wouldn't do for her. She just smiled back at me. Probably because she knows that she has me EXACTLY where she wants me. And now here we are....midnight. My knee is barking...my back aching...my eye-lids closing. Not your traditional workout day...but there was certainly no sitting around wasting time. Time to crash out hard for this hundred-year-old. Have to be back in the office first thing in the a.m.

So much for my day off. Did I mention I am so glad tomorrow is Friday? LOL.

Good Night All...until tomorrow...

Starting Weight - 225 pounds

Current Weight - 218 pounds

Goal Weight - 199 pounds

Total Weight Loss So Far - 7 pounds

Projected Date to Hit Goal Weight - September 19th, 2011