Good evening all! First off, thanks from both Lori and myself to everyone who sent over good wishes for our anniversary yesterday. Really appreciate it..and I know that Lori does too. Actually, if you want to hear an ironic story about us, Lori and I went to a Yankees game on our very first date way back in September of 2002. Today, thanks to a gift from my brother in law, we went to a Yankee game again to celebrate our 7th anniversary. I thought it was cool that both games were played in September...and the Yankees played the Orioles both times. The Yanks won both of those games too. That fact isn't really that important I guess. I just like saying it to annoy Yankee back to today. While "Labor Day" traditionally is a day off for most people, mine wasn't quite so relaxing.

Aside from the Yankee game, the bulk of my day was spent working. Working around the out the garage...mowing the lawn and all that fun domestic stuff. That was followed by working my second job...loading bundles of paper in and out of my van all day long. Not your traditional workout by far, but I definitely made an effort to keep myself moving all day. Tonight I will be wrapping up my long Labor Day weekend by working up a sweat with a round of cards....enjoying some stretching in Day 7 of P90X...and then heading out to work for a little while longer. No rest for the weary they say. But I would always rather be busy than bored. Tomorrow I wil be back pushing to the max again...fill you in on all that soon enough. Hope everyone out there had a happy, safe and fun holiday weekend.

Thanks for checkin in as always....until tomorrow!