I honestly can't believe that another summer has just about passed us by already. As always, Lori and I tried to make the summer as busy and as much fun for our daughter Meghan as humanly possible. I think we did a pretty good job, too, if I say so myself. Our adorable little 6 year old started off the summer with a short trip to California, which is always great. A lot of kids her age might not like to travel much, but Meghan loves the adventure and is pretty much up for anything. Other highlights of Meg's summer of 2010 included an amazing summer day camp program at her school, trips upstate with her cousins to their “fun-tastic” summer home, a visit to Medieval Times, long days in the park, plenty of time in the pool and weekend barbecues with the family. Meg even got to go to her very first “grown-up” music concert at Jones Beach a few weeks back. Seeing Meghan experience the concert was as much a highlight of my summer as it was hers.

With another summer season coming to an end, Lori and I have begun making the transition to the fall and our daughter's entry into the 2nd grade. Lori, Meghan and I met up with Meg's aunt Christine in New Jersey recently to go shopping at the Woodbridge Mall. It was an all-day affair. We got Meg's hair cut and bought her brand-new clothes, because even at that age it is all about showing off your new look on the first day of school. I was watching my daughter leave one store with her aunt, strolling along the row of stores in the mall, shopping bags in each hand, looking totally relaxed and comfortable. I realized that before I know it, Meghan will be shopping by herself with her own friends. I'm not sure that I am ready for that! But I think I will let Meg get through the 2nd grade before I start worrying about it too much.