Happy to report that I had a good, productive weekend. I was more than a little bummed in the beginning, that my travel plans fell through...and for a little while I was just kinda moping around the house. Which I am sure my wife and daughter just couldn’t get enough of...lol. But at some point I was reminded that my trainer always used to tell me that the two things in life that we are in control of at all times are our actions, and our attitude. Sooooo, I tried to be the grown-up that I am always rebelling against becoming (ha!) and I decided to put all of my negative energy into something positive. I ended up getting alot done around the house, took care of some personal errands, spent some quality time with the family, saw a few friends, watched some football AND got in some good, solid workouts too. And speaking of my workouts, I was feeling particularly “frisky” this evening. Not only did I put in my day 7 DVD of P90X tonight.....which is really just an hour of cool down stretching after a tough week, but when that was said and done I still felt like building up a sweat and getting my heart thumpin. So I popped in the Kenpo X DVD right after and got myself punching and kicking all over again. Not sure if it is a bad thing to stray from the actual program set-up.....BUT.....I had the time and the energy and figured an extra workout can only help me out, right?

The other thing that was cool this weekend regarding my workouts is that I had a few visitors to the man cave on Saturday and Sunday. Two of Meghan’s friends....neighbors of ours......Bryan and Emily....were over to spend time with Meghan. At some point...and I have no idea how it happened...but they all ended up in the basement with me. I made the ebst of it and got the three of them movin’ and groovin’ on the exercise bike, the bench (super light weights of course) and the mats. Their visit even motivated me to open up the punching bag that I got from Lori LAST Christmas. Needless to say, it was a big “hit” with the kiddies...no pun intended. Lol. I love when it seems like what I am doing has a positive influence on the people around me....ESPECIALLY when those people are kids...and one of em is my little girl. Now I have to figure out how to convince these kids that my man cave is NOT a playground. We all have our crosses to bear I guess. Ha ha ha. And now it is time to say goodnight....another weekend in the books. Another week ready to start up in just a few short hours. Starting my second job again tomorrow night too, which I am NOT looking forward to. Oh well, we do what we have to do. And right now what I have to do...is get some rest. Have a good night folks. Hope you had a good weekend too. Talk to ya again tomorrow!