For those of you who may not know, here is a little tidbit of information that you might find interesting (or you might not - lol). There are four components to fitness, They are: strength, cardio, endurance...and cheese. Oops....sorry about that.....old habits die hard. ha ha ha. Actually they are strength, cardio, endurance and flexibility. And for the first time since I mysteriously injured my back a week or so ago, I feel like I was able to touch on all four of those components....which is definitely a good sign that a full recovery can't be far down the road. Started the morning bright and early at about 5am with some light stretching. The one constant I have had since my injury is that I try to stretch out every day...more than once if possible. Keep myself loose while strengthening those back muscles too. Trying to keep my machine parts oiled, as my trainer Jonathan would say. From there I did my regular daily 2 mile trek to the LIRR station with my buddy and neighbor Matt....which according to my beloved endomondo app was good for burning off 370 calories. Nice way to start out the day. It was also particularly muggy out this morning too...thanks for that Mother Nature. Isn't September supposed to be COOLER out? UGH. Any-hoo....after having egg whites with veggies at home for breakfast (yum) and a salad with grilled chicken for lunch (made by me since I am constantly "brown-baggin" it these days to save money, I was able to leave work in time enough to catch the shuttle back home. Which meant I was able to walk the two miles BACK to my up another quick sweat and burn off another almost 400 calories.

The walk home goes by pretty quick too. I keep my pace nice and quick ("walk like you're late" Jonathan always says). I make a phone call or two along the way to pass the time...and before you know it I am walking through my front door again. To a hero's welcome of course. Streamers, balloons, hugs, lots of fanfare and all's almost a parade really. Ha ha ha...NOT!. Actually Lori and Meg weren't even home when I got in. The advantage to walking into a big empty house however, is that I kept my momentum going by running right down to the man cave for a quick workout to wrap up my day. I chose four exercises that would keep me going but still not put alot of strain on my back (crunches are out for the moment unfortunately) and then I did a round of cards. FYI....if you ever use a deck of cards for a quick workout....pushing yourself to run through the whole deck as fast as posible will definitely get your heart pumpin. And then for the first time in a week or so...I added some light weight to the equation. I definitely felt it....but I got through it. To quote Jonathan for the third and final time tonight, "remember, if you live through it, you'll be great when it's done!" Ha ha of my favorite lines to this day. And since I'm still here to tell my story, I am going to chalk it up as a good day. A perfectly rounded day where my personal fitness checklist is concerned. Also, since I got everything done fairly early tonight....which included a delicious and nutritious dinner made up of baked chicken and veggies (thanks Lori!)....I get to reward myself by getting to bed early. Now THAT is a rare reward for me indeed...and I am going to take advantage of it right now.

So have yourself a great night as well. Keep moving...and I'll talk to ya more tomorrow!