Well I am happy to say that I feel like I am finally starting to "get it" again. It took me a couple of weeks, and I have to admit that that worried and surprised me a little bit. But finally I feel like I am back on track again, and I finally had the kind of week that I feel like I was supposed to be having all along. Things just seemed to fall into place, as I have been hoping they would for awhile now. After what seemed like an endless amount of personal hurdles and excuses these last few weeks, I was able to sort of put it all together on a personal level again. I was able to get down to the man cave and get my regular workouts in....mixing together a nice little blend of cardio and light weight training. I was also able to make better, healthier food choices at mealtimes. And last but certainly not least, I made sure that I pushed myself to count my calories every day (never more than 2,000 a day - that's ALL the body needs)...

...and write all of my caloric intake numbers down in my trusty food journal. Oh, and just so you know, as fancy as my "food journal" might sound to say, it is really nothing more than a spiral notebook that I bought at a 99-cent store....lol. But I write down what I had at every single meal throughout the day....snacks too.....their calories......and the exercise I did for that day as well. It really helpful to be able to look back at each individual day if you need to. All of the answers you need are right there in plain sight. My trainer and friend Jonathan always told me that "if you put out more than you take in, you will lose." Sounds pretty cut and dried, right? Well that's because it is. Looking back on my journal for the week....never more than 1,800-2,000 calories per day and SOME form of exercise to go along with it...and it makes total sense that I was THREE whole pounds lighter when I stepped off the scale this morning. Like I said, DEFINITELY back on the right track again.

In the week ahead I plan to keep myself pushing forward. Keep myself moving, keep making the right choices, and most importantly, get myself running again. One of my trainer's most memorable and important lessons was that "if exercise is a tool, then jogging is your sledgehammer." Definitely need to start bringing that weapon to the fight more often. Until next week folks.....thanks for checking in! have a great week ahead!  

Starting Weight - 238 lbs

Current Weight after Week 3 - 230 lbs

Goal Weight by June 4th (My birthday!) - 199 lbs

Total Weight Loss So Far - 8 lbs