Had the coolest thing happen to me today. A friend of mine contacted me out of the blue, told me that she has had enough of the way she looks and feels, and asked me to train her. Can't even begin to tell you how good that made me feel, on a few different levels. For one thing, it tells me that she hasn't given up on herself....which is always a plus. Second, I can tell you from expereince that one of the absolute hardest things to do when it comes to changing your lifestyle, is admitting to yourself that you need some help to get where you want to be. It is still something I have trouble with to this day to be honest. So kudos to her there too! And finally, on a personal level I was honored to be asked. I have had some great personal success in my own weight loss journey over the past few years. And while I have been told that what I do is definitely inspiring....I have always said that I won't rate it as a TRUE success story unless I can help someone else get to a better, more healthy place too. I know deep down that I have all of the tools to help other people in this area. The knowledge, the patience, certainly the determination. All I have been waiting for is someone out there that I care about to give me the chance. Well it looks like that time is finally here...and like I said,  I couldn't be more excitied about the opportunity. 

Believe me, I won't lose sight of the fact that I am NOT a personal trainer by any stretch of the imagination. What I am however, is someone who knows what it is like to be unhappy. Someone who knows what it is like to want something more for yourself. Someone who knows what it is like to want to be a smarter, stronger, healther person for your kids...and for yourself. I am also someone who knows how much hard work is involved in accomplishing all of those goals. And last but certainly never least....I am someone who is willing to sacrifice the time and effort to help someone achieve all of those things for herself. The same way my trainer and friend, the amazing Mr. Jonathan Baltzer, did for me for so long. So this weekend I will be putting myself to work...picking some of my favorite exercises...and looking back there are a whoooole lot of em.....lol. But we will start out slow...do what we can at first. In P90X, Tony Horton always says, "you may stumble, you may tumble, but you will move!" That is going to be my motto going in. And if this new training schedule happens to get Meghan and Lori into the act as well...which it looks like it might...then that is even better. Wish me luck in this new venture folks...I am looking forward to it. WIll keep you posted as always.

Hope we're all ready for the weekend!