A very wise friend of mine once told me that sometimes you don’t realize how bad you actually are (or were) until the moment when you give yourself an opportunity to feel really GOOD. I think that was definitely the case where I am concerned. I went through my life for decades being overweight, out of shape and completely unhealthy. I was dealing with things like loss of breath, back aches, sweating like I was in an active volcano even in the dead of winter, and my favorite one of all...these mystery ”charlie-horses/leg cramps” that would very often wake me up screaming in the middle of the night out of nowhere. Let me tell you, nothing indicates “out of shape” or “in distress” like pulling something in your leg...while...you’re...ASLEEP! Lol. Of course I know now that all of this was due to poor circulation thanks to the extra weight I was carrying. And if you don’t know me personally....trust me when I tell you we are talking a LOT of weight for a whole LOT of years. But I sort of just accepted that that was the way it was for me. Pain to deal with, issues to take care of. Just grin and bear it. What else could I do, right? Wrong. Losing all of the weight that I did, building a new, healthier life for myself and developing a new outlook on the world around me has definitely come with alot of perks. Not having those same aches, pains and embarassing sweaty moments is definitely right up there.

All of sudden one day not too long ago I realized that I hadn’t had a charlie-horse in awhile. I didn’t work up a sweat tying my shoes anymore either. I just felt really....good. Then it sort of hit me, “ooooooh, so THIS is how it is supposed to feel.” Having been on both sides of the fence I think you can understand my reluctance to go back to “the dark side” ever again. So to keep the aches and pains away I am pushing to keep myself on that right path as always. Started the day off with egg white omlette with some veggies chopped in. For lunch I kept it nice and simple...a garden salad with grilled chicken (made by my favorite chef - me, in the most affordable restaurant in town - my kitchen! ha ha ha). Unfortunately, due to some really bad weather and a really tight work schedule I didn’t get my usual 2-mile walk in this morning....ugh. But you can bet I will be down in the man cave tonight, crankin’ out an awesome workout courtesy of P90X and Mr. Tony Horton. I am in day 22 (of 90 - duh!) and I am loving ever minute of it so far. And if I am feelin particularly motivated, I might even be able to coax myself into a nice leisurely run to wind down my day. I will be sure to keep you posted. Feel like there is soooooo much to talk about after missing a few weeks, but I will let you go...for now. Tomorrow is another day. Hope you’ll stop by to see how I am doin. G’nite all...thanks for checkin in!