Well so much for staying more on top of things at the end of this week. That was the intention anyway. Really didn't want to have to post another blog so late twice in the same week. Life really does get in the way sometimes though. Went out tonight with family and friends to a Long Island Ducks baseball game. What can I tell ya? Now that I am officially in my 40's I am all about trying new things…lol. Took the LIRR out towards the stadium right after working in the city. Pretty cool…..thanks Lori and Meg for the excellent Father's Day gift. I am kind of on the old-fashioned side when it comes to certain things… and I really still enjoy doing things together as a group. Tonight was no different I am happy to say. Had to rush out the door to work job #2 right after the game unfortunately…ugh. Even missed the fireworks display. Double UGH! Just got home from the city at about 3:30am…and here I am….typin' away with you in mind. All in all I had a busy, yet productive and happy day. Aside from working til 3:30 in the morning that is. The game was fun. Hanging with close family and friends is always fun too. But I think on a personal level what I was most proud of tonight was my ability to NOT eat anything at the game. Can't even tell ya how much I loooooove getting food at live events. Sometimes even more than the live event itself I might add. Doesn't matter what the event is either. Concert, sports, carnvals, whatever. Hell, back in my eating heyday I once found really good munchies at a Halloween Hayride…no foolin!

I would also like to add that the food at these events has certainly changed since I was Meghan's age too. My brother and I would get to see the Mets play at Shea Stadium every once in awhile when we were kids. I was a Yankee fan from birth, but let's face it…the Mets were closer to where I lived in Queens AND tickets were a lot easier to come by (take that Mets fans – HA!). As I recall, food at a game back then was pretty simple. Hot dogs, pretzels, peanuts and cracker jacks (the song doesn't lie), beer, soda and ice cream...and that was pretty much it. Now skip ahead to the present day. Ducks stadium was offering nachos, personal Pizza Hut pizzas, even a whole barbecue stand. I'm not gonna lie, it smelled AMAZING…but I hung in there. Being broke is always a good motivator too, trust me! Ha ha ha ha. Came home and made a quick egg-white omlette with a multi-grain English muffin on the side…and was out the door a few minutes later to work. I am on an avocado kick these days for some odd reason and I reeeeaaaallly enjoyed the tuna wrap with avocado I had for lunch (along with some fresh fruit). In between, I was able to get in my miles to the train this morning, and a nice long bout with my deadly deck of cards tonight too. Like I said, all in all not a bad day. I would always rather be busy than bored. Looking forward to a productive 4-day holiday weekend. Family, friends, backyards, barbecues, and you know…not eating anything…lol. Enjoy everyone!

Until tomorrow…

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