I can't speak for everyone out there of course, but as far as I go personally, it seems like I end up working harder on my "day off" than I would if I just went to work. Today was definitely one of those days. It all started in the wee hours of the morning, somewhere around 3:30am or so. I had just crawled through the door after making my way home from job number two. I was tired for sure......and where most people would have just went straight on to bed...I am not most people....not by a longshot. So instead of going upstairs to get some sleep, I went downstairs to the man cave where I pushed myself for an hour and a half through a quick one-mile run, a killer 15-minute "ab-ripper" program and then about 45 minutes of P90X Kenpo (my favorite of all the discs so far!). From there I actually did drag my tired old carcass to bed....only to be slapped awake way too early by my sometimes a little too affectionate daughter, Meghan....lol. Once Lori and Meg headed out to get their own school and work days started, I got busy cleaning the house and running some errands. One particular errand called for me bringing some papers to a place not too far from here....by car.

It's amazing what a difference you can face between walking somewhere and driving. The spot I had to get to would have taken me 10 minutes by car....15-20 TOPS. But while AI was in full positivity mode I decided to walk there. And if you walk there, then you also have to walk BACK. Then I had to head on over to Meghan's school to pick her up for the day. And of course we had to walk home from school too....much to my daughter's disapproval (at first - lol). So anyway, according to my beloved Endomondo app, when all was said and done I have walked a little more than 8 miles and burned off over 1,200 calories. Not a bad haul for a few hours work if I do say so myself...lol. Between the early morning cardio and the seemingly endless late afternoon walk, I would say I had a VERY productive day physically. And now, after making dinner, spending a little free time with Meg and then running out the door to work job #2, even I can't deny that I am officially wiped out. I will be wrapping this up now and then crawling up the stairs to my nice comfy bed. Thanks so much for checkin in with me...I will definitely be talking to you again!