The Rolling Stones said, “Time is on My Side.” I wish I could say the same. One of the biggest obstacles that I have had in my weight loss journey over the years, and one of the biggest hurdles that anyone on a diet has in general, is finding the time to exercise. I have come to realize that to be really successful at losing weight and keeping it off there has got to be a balance between diet and physical activity. For me, that is easier said than done most of the time. I consider myself lucky to be surrounded by a loving wife, a beautiful daughter and a lot of great family and friends. What that also means is that I am also surrounded by alot of responsibility. Add to that already busy social schedule that I also work two jobs, have a mom with special needs, a pile of bills waiting to be paid and an endless commute back and forth every day from the city to my new house waaaaaaay at the end of Long Island. Do you see a lot of room in there for working out? There just doesn't seem to be enough hours in the day for me. No time to shop for and prepare healthier time to sleep.....not enough time to spend at home with the family. However, as tough as all those things are can be to maintain, there is a feeling of pride that I can take in knowing that I make the effort and somehow do find the time I need.

I remind myself every day that as important as all of the priorities in my life are....making the effort to improve my health is equally, if not more important. It definitely isn't always easy. Sometimes you have to just make the best out of your situation. In my case, the LIRR station is a little more than two miles from my house, and I walk it with a good friend every morning. That way no matter how busy things get I always start the day with two miles under my belt. My continually shrinking belt hopefully. I also make a point to avoid the elevators in my building and walk the 13 flights of stairs as many times as possible during the day. They say every little bit counts. It certainly can't hurt. I really do believe all of the effort will be worth it one day when I am still around to watch Meghan graduate from college. Or don't have to struggle to walk her down the aisle. IF I ever let her get married. Or even date for that matter. I am still very much on the fence about that. She would make such a great nun I think. Sadly I can't seem to get her on board with that philosophy. Ha ha ha. I am hanging in there though, as always. Tomorrow is another set of hurdles. For now it is back to work. Wish I could keep on chatting with ya. But like I said, there's just never enough time.

Thanks for stopping by. Until tomorrow...

Starting Weight - 225 lbs

Goal Weight - 199 lbs

Projected Date to Hit Goal Weight - September 19th, 2011

*** Before I sign off, I would like to say a very special thank you to Karyn A, who posted my very first comment since I started this new format. I really appreciate you reading and thank you for the positive feedback. Your comment even helped to inspire what I decided to talk about today. As far as your own situation is concerned, I am no expert at all, but from personal expereince I can tell you that it is so important to have the support of the people closest to you when you are doing something like this. This kind of a journey is hard enough without feeling like you have to carry the burden on your own. Especially when their are children involved. My wife and I are trying hard to get our daughter on the right track at a young age as well, so that she doesn't have to suffer for it as she gets older.

That can be a problem when one parent is on board and the other isn't, because it gives the kids a choice between the right way and the wrong way. And let's face it, most kids will take the easy way out more often than not. I would definitely talk to your husband and try to stress the importance of what you are trying to do for your own health and for the health of your children. It will be better for your entire family and will be alot easier with you all together to support each other. If talking to him doesn't work, then definitely consider going to a professional about it. Like I said, I am not an expert at all on this. But it is too much of an uphill battle for you to fight alone, and far too important to just let it go.