Okay, this is either day three or day four of me dealing with my lousy, rotten, stinkin back-pain. At this point it is hard to keep track of the exact dates. No matter how many days it is officially...for me it is waaaaaay too long. I wouldn't call myself obsessed or anything. However, over the past year or two I have gotten used to the concept of doing SOMETHING physical for myself every day. The fact that I haven't been able to do that for the past few days is bothering me on both a physical AND emotional level. There WAS something positive that came out of all this though. It hit me earlier today while I was on the train coming home. I was thinking about how much I miss my workouts, how intense P90X has been for me so far...not to mention how much I get out of it...and how the pain in my lower back has kept me out of action for the past few days...much to my chagrin (yes, chagrin). So I was dwelling on all that today...maybe even sulking a little too (sulking....me? noooo!). So while all of that is going on I had a random thought just pop into my head. The pain in my back is keeping me from doing P90X (for now), but that doesn't mean that there's not SOMETHING I can be doing to help myself, right? Dealing with a life-long weight issue I have learned from experience that it is reeeeaaaally easy to grab hold of any excuse you need to stop doing all the things that your body needs the most. The good things. You say you will pick it up tomorrow...but days become weeks, weeks become months...and you can figure out the rest.

I am definitely not that person anymore though. In the world of "you're either doing it or you're not," I am definitely all in. Soooooo, it may not be the intensity and satisfaction of P90X right now, but I made a conscious effort today to keep myself going in the right direction. Left the house bright and early this morning and got in a good, long 2.5 mile walk to the train. Added another mile to that total during the day too. I also watched my meal choices and my portions as well. Salad with grilled chicken for lunch...chicken baked with salsa and veggies for dinner (YUM!). And for breakfast today I tried something different. Got a delicious protein boost from an egg white wrap with fat free cheese, fresh turkey and avocado. OH...MY...GOD! Not sure if that is your thing or not, but I was LOVIN' it. Thanks to Sam, Lisa and Kayla for the inspiration. Then to top off the evening, I forced myself to go down to the man cave after dinner...and I got myself through a round of cards. Chose four exercises that put the least amount of strain on my back as possible. It wasn't always quick and it wasn't always pretty...but in the end I was sweaty and feeling it. I am hoping that just doing SOMETHING physical again ends up helping to both loosen and strengthen my back muscles, as opposed to making them even worse. I won't know for sure until I wake up tomorrow. You know I will keep you posted as always though. Looking forward to being my chipper, pain-free self again. Hopefully tomorrow is the day. You will be the SECOND to know...lol.

Thanks for checkin in!