I'm sure you have heard of people who consider themselves “summer people.” You might even be one of them—the ones who live for the beach, the heat and the sun every year. Never really understood those people to be honest. There are also people who love the winter months. Cold snowy days, cozy warm blankets, steaming cups of hot chocolate in front of a fire and all that good stuff. Definitely more my speed than the summer lovers for sure, but still too extreme for me. In my opinion, the fall has always been the way to go. And just like with everything else in my life, Meghan is a huge reason why that is. Along with being between two extremes, the fall season is a favorite time of year for me— and so much fun— when spent with Meghan.

Since Meghan was born seven years ago, the month of October has come to a close with us celebrating Meghan's birthday followed by Halloween. And in true McDermott fashion, Meghan celebrates her birth-day for a week (at least) to make sure she gives proper attention to both her birthday and Hallween. This year, that entailed an out-of-control kids' party with her friends one day, a birthday lunch at her favorite restaurant with most of her family the next and then trick-or-treating as the cutest little biker chick you ever saw on Halloween. But just because her birthday is over doesn't mean that fall fun has to end. The rest of the season is just as enjoyable for me as it brings on cooler temperatures, crunching leaves on the ground, holiday shopping, precious time with the family and delicious Thanksgiving feasts. And of course there is the annual fall experience that might be my favorite one of all: Sundays in front of the TV watching football with Meghan. Hopefully as she gets older my little girl will come to love the season as much as I do.