Hard to believe that another summer has come and gone already. As someone who does not deal well with the heat, I had no problem saying goodbye. There is a lot that pops into my head when I think of the fall: leaves crunching under your feet, the air turning cooler and the holidays right around the corner. But the most important thing that the fall season signals to me is the start of football season! A few weeks back as I was turning the calendar in our kitchen from August to September with a smile, my wife rolled her eyes and declared: "Great, football season. I'm about to lose you again, aren't I?" It is at this time that I remind her not to think of it as losing a husband, but rather gaining a day to herself. See, the days of going out all day and crawling through the door in the middle of the night ended for me a looooong time ago. And now, thanks to DIRECTV, I get to watch my beloved Pittsburgh Steelers (and any other NFL game I might be in the mood for) right from the comfort of my living room.

Growing up, some of my favorite memories included sitting around on Sundays watching football with my dad, my brother and even my sister. And since my daughter learned how to say "Roethlisberger" around the same time she said mommy and daddy, I love nothing more than sharing my football Sundays with Meghan the way my dad always did with me. So now on Sundays from September until January, my wife gets to take a "mental health day" all by herself, while Meg and I prepare some sort of football food and then head to the couch for the afternoon. Watching football might seem like a waste of a day to some people. To me, however, it has created a special bond that my daughter and I strengthen every week. And I hope when Meghan is the adult of her own family one day, she looks back on our Sundays together with the same fondness that I do regarding my childhood. Besides, my wife Lori is always welcome to join us (even though she is a Giants fan). But usually after a week of shuttling to and from home, school, karate, Girl Scouts, and a million other places, who wouldn't jump at the chance to enjoy a little personal time?