So who says that exercising can't be fun? Today I managed to combine two of my favorite things...working out AND hanging out. For those of you who weren't marked third annual "reunion" softball game for some of our friends and family down in Woodside, Queens. I have to say that each year gets more and more enjoyable for me. And not just because I FINALLY got to feel what it was like to be on the WINNING team. GO TEAM YELLOW.....ha ha ha. You really have to appreciate those occasions where you are getting your exercise for the day but it doesn't FEEL like you are exercising. Today was definitely one of those days. For the record though, I did manage to get up bright and early and go for a run (although I use the term "run" very loosely - lol). My mentor, trainer and friend Jonathan always told me that "if exercising is a tool...then running is the sledgehammer." That has certainly proven true for me...and of course I probably don't do it enough. But I was out there today, banging out a quick 1.25 miles near my house. Then after a quick shower, change and egg whites for breakfast....i was out the door and heading to St. Mike's field. Now I would love to tell you that I was blasting home runs and making diving stops all day....

...but too many of the people that read this blog were actually there with lying now would be sillly. LOL. I dropped a few like everyone else, and I whiffed so bad on the first pitch thrown to me that I am sure the people on the other team appreciated the breeze I provided them on such a hot day. You're welcome. It was all in good fun though and I really did have a great time. Beautfiul weather, great people, our national pastime and exercising without exercising. A near perfect day all around. I did notice that being in better shape nowadays definitely makes it a better experience for me...just like everything else these days. My team won pretty big and the game ended a little earlier than it should have. I made sure to stay out on the field after the game though to chase down a few more balls and keep my heart-rate pumpin. If for no other reason, maybe to get a little practice in for next year's Thanks again Keri Lynn for being the hostess with the mostess who put it all together for us. Your comments from behind the plate though? Perhaps a few lessons in good sportsmanship before next year? I'm just sayin :) The only bad part of today is that Lori and Meghan weren't around to enjoy it with me. Like I said, a NEAR perfect day!

Okay, now before I sign off, I have two responses and one personal comment that I would like to make that really aren't even connected to tonight's blog entry, but I definitely felt needed to be made...

*** From my entry the other day about bacon: Ned, at the very end of your comment you referred to yourself as a P.O.P (Pal of Pork). I seriously doubt that the pigs see it that

*** From last night's entry regarding the tequila kick during my drinking days: thanks for the comment Edie. Even though I am much better off being what my brother sarcastically refers to now as a "sober," I really don't regret the things I did back then. We had a blast and some awesome memories....even though some of em are quite hazy. I did a LOT of growing up during that time and you were a huge part of me becoming the man I am today. LOVE YA!

*** And last but certainly never least, CONGRATULATIONS to one of my oldest friends and all around favorite people. Eddie Brown and his fiancee Tam, who tied the knot today in Cally. Bless you both my brother. It means the world to me that we are still friends after all these years and all those miles between us. So sorry I couldn't be there to share the day with you....may the two of you have nothing but happiness together for years to come!

Okay, time to put these weary old bones to bed. Have a good night all...

Starting Weight - 225 pounds

Current Weight - 222.5 pounds

Goal Weight - 199 pounds

Total Weight Loss So Far - 2.5 pounds

Projected Date to Hit Goal Weight - September 19th, 2011