Ever since my adorable 6-year-old daughter could speak, whenever her mommy was away for the day and it was just the two of us, Meghan would refer to it as a Daddy/Meggy Day. And I have to be honest, Daddy/Meggy Days have always been my favorite days, more than even Christmas. If you know me at all, that is really saying something. Spending time with Meghan is always an experience. I love the rare opportunities that I get her to myself. So whenever a Daddy/Meggy Day rolls around, my daughter and I try to plan something special to make it that much more memorable for both of us. We have done everything from taking trips to the Long Island Game Farm, to something simple like catching a movie, playing in the park or just walking through the mall together. And with mommy away on a business trip to Virginia for a few days recently, I got to enjoy not just a rare Daddy/Meggy Day, but the even more rare Daddy/Meggy WEEKEND! For me personally, one of the coolest things about spending time with Meghan is that it gives me a chance to discover how much her personality has developed.

Meghan is definitely not your average 6 year old. She has razor sharp wit, is wise beyond her years and has already inherited the infamous McDermott family sarcasm, which I happen to think is hilarious on her. Her mom unfortunately doesn't love the newfound sarcasm quite as much.

We started out our weekend together with an early showing of The Twilight Saga: New Moon. Meghan has seen the first movie a dozen times, and she was proud to strut into the theater all decked out in her “Team Edward” T-shirt and fake vampire teeth. The rest of the weekend was a blur of shopping, rides in the car, Disney DVDs and general running around. Everything came to a perfect end with our standard fall Sunday tradition of collectively cooking for the day and watching football...plus the return of mommy. Another successful Daddy/Meggy experience in the books. I think the thing that made this particular one most special for me was that my daughter and I didn't have to do anything special at all. It was just about the two of us being together on our own that made our time together extraordinary. And I already can't wait for the next one.