Over the past year or two while I made some seriously big changes in my life, I got to learn a few important lessons as well. Lessons about me...and about the world around me. One thing that came to mind to me today is that sometimes it isn't enough to just change yourself physically. Every once in awhile it's equally as important to make a few changes in your environment too. So with that in mind, Lori and I spent most of the day tackling the house. There are a whooooole lotta great things about our new place out here in Long Island. The size, the space, the freedom, the neighbors, the peace and quiet, the scenery. I could go on...but as my trainer would say, "I think I made my point." The BAD thing about a house this big? It's a lot to clean. Especially if you tend to put things off the way that Lori and I can do from time to time. Not on purpose...but life gets in the way sometimes. So with Meghan out playing with some friends down the block (kid has a busier schedule than me these days!) we made a conscious effort to split up and get this monster clean. Lori started downstairs...I started upstairs...and a few hours and a lot of elbow grease later we met somewhere in the middle, looked around, and were back to having a house that we were proud of again. One of the jobs that I had actually "volunteered" for was putting away a mountain of laundry that had piled up in one of the corners of our bedroom. You could ski down it....no lie. LOL. I guess after my birthday I have acquired some new clothes...and with limited closet and drawer space in my bedroom...I had to toss out some of the old to make room for the new. For those of you who don't know, I am also a bit of a pack rat. I have a hard time throwing ANYTHING away.

Not so bad that the people from Hoarders are going to show up at my house anytime soon (I hope!)...but am I reeeeaaallly ever going to wear a 5XL Steelers jersey again? I don't know.....maybe.....don't touch that! ha ha ha ha. Part of getting rid of old things is therapeutic for me....a kind of cleansing I guess. And I honestly don't know if there are any poor or homeless people out there who can rock a 4XL sweatshirt or a 5XL footbal jersey. But let me tell you....if there are...those guys are gonna be STYLIN. To quote Robert Deniro in the movie Heat, "there's another side to that coin." While it feels good to try on crazy big stuff and know that I am never EVER going to allow myself to get that big again, it feels equally good to break out what I used to call "my wish clothes." Everyone has em, right? I have been told that women do this alot with jeans and dresses. Clothes that you buy a size or two too small on purpose...then "wish" you'll fit into em one day. Well I didn't buy my clothes too small on purpose. I didn't make myself too big on purpose either. Somewhere along the lines it all just happened. Trust me when I tell you though, it is an incredible feeling to hold up a shirt, remember how long ago you got it, tell yourself "yeah, that'll never fit." Then you put it on...and it does...or it's LOOSE. It is truly the little things in life sometimes folks. Definitely in a movie quoting kind mood today (something I have a knack for....sorry if it gets annoying). But in My Blue Heaven, Steve Martin explains that "sometimes in life you have to change from the outside, in." Not sure I agree with that 100%...it's probably an even mix. But that was the focus of today. Clean house...clean closet. Old clothes out...boosted ego in.  

And don't you worry. I wasn't sooooo busy cleaning that I forgot that there is a physical demand to meet here too. In between attending to the house and attending to some family drama (ugh)...I made a quick run to the man cave for some stretching and a round with the cards. Got my 20 minutes in for the day...have to keep moving. Looking forward to spending more time on the mats tomorrow with the NFL providing the background noise. Hope everyone is having a great weekend so far!