You know, I have never really considered myself to be a religious person. I believe in God...I have even prayed. And not for winning the lottery or for my teacher to be absent on the day of a test or for a sick friend to get better or other obvious things that people pray for from time to time. I also find myself questioning sometimes too. Over the course of my life I have seen things to make me believe that there is more to us than just "this." I have also seen things happen to make me wonder what kind of a God...who supposedly loves all of us....would let such horrible things happen to good people. I have heard about him being with us always...and I have heard about how he works in mysterious ways. So like I said...I have faith...but I also have questions. My wife is pretty much in the same boat as me. When Meghan was born we both agreed that when the time came we would let her make up her own mind. We would introduce her to religion but we wouldn't force it on her. We would take it one step at a time and let things run their own natural course according to her. So Meg was baptized in a Catholic church. She made her first Holy Communion just a few months ago. Both at the same church where I was confirmed and Lori and I were married. She is a really, really bright kid...and I am not saying that JUST because she is But anyway, the reason why I got into all of this is because for the past week she has been taking part in a vacation class at the church near our house. It was only for a week and it was a good way for her to meet some new friends, put down some roots in her new neigborhood and have some fun too. Not 100% sure where she is in her own mind with the whole "religion" thing yet...but I must admit that she really enjoyed herself this past week. And today, during the regular Sunday morning sermon, she and the nearly 100 other kids that took part in the class got up on stage and sang two songs in front of the entire church.

Let me tell you...every single day my little girl does something to make me proud of her...and love her even more. Even when you think that isn't find out that it is. Awesome job today honey. YOU are one thing that I have complete faith in...and never question. For now anyway. Let's hope your teenage years are equally as faithful. So while Meghan took care of HER business this morning, I still had some business of my own to attend to today. The church is EXACTLY 2.2 miles from our house. I know this because I tracked it on my phone (ENDOMONDO) as I jogged all the way home from the mass with a smile on my face. Burned off almost 400 calories too...and did I mention nearly the entire run is uphill? You'll have to take my word on that...but would I really lie to you after coming from church today? What kind of Catholic would that make me? Ouch...don't answer that! LOL. That was how I spent my morning. And after a nice, relaxing Sunday at home (relaxing for MY usual schedule anyway)...I closed out the evening with a nice long workout in the man cave. Started with a round of cards...sit-ups, push-ups, squats and leg extensions...while watching True Blood on HBO. After the cards came 225 reps with some moderate weight...a quick circuit of shoulders, back, chest, bi's and tri's. Last but not least....another round of cards while checking out new episodes of Curb Your Enthusiasm (I still don't get it....sorry fans!) and Entourage (glad it's back!). a little past midnight...I am officially spent. Good weekend at home with family and friends. Now it is time for bed. Four-forty-five in the a.m. comes fast around here and the scale awaits! Not expecting too much after the block party yesterday and no official workout for me during the day yesterday either, but we will see how it goes. Ya gotta have faith they tell me...maybe someone out there can remember me in their prayers tonight!

Have a good night all. Thanks for stopping by as always.

Starting Weight - 225 pounds

Current Weight - 220 pounds

Goal Weight - 199 pounds

Total Weight Loss So Far - 5 pounds

Projected Date to Hit Goal Weight - September 19th, 2011