A few Sundays back, I am at home watching the Grammy Awards on TV. I have always been a fan of award shows for some reason. It doesn't even matter what award show it is, really. From the style of the Grammys to the class of the Oscars to the working class feel of the MTV Movie Awards, I can't get enough. There is just something about the atmosphere: Celebrities looking their best (most of them anyway), performances that go all out and the possibility that something totally unexpected can happen at any minute (ask Kanye). And, Meghan is just like her daddy when it comes to award shows. I let her stay up a little bit later than usual so that she could watch some of the Grammys with me. Luckily for Meghan, mommy was out and daddy is a much easier mark when it comes to our daughter getting her way in these situations.

The show was going well and we were both having a great time. Then about an hour in, the Jonas Brothers came out to introduce a musical performance. For anyone who doesn't know, the Jonas Brothers are the Disney Channel's male, money-making equivalent to Hannah Montana. They are comprised of three brothers, Kevin, Nick and Joe, ranging in age from about 16 to 20. And I know all this because Meghan LOVES the Joe-Bros. While the group is on stage during the Grammys, Meghan mentions the fact that Joe is wearing glasses for the first time. Not your usual streamlined, top-of-the-line celebrity specs either. These are thick and black horn-rimmed glasses, which make Joe look way more like Charlie Sheen in Major League (see it if you haven't!) than one of the darlings of the Disney Channel.

But I made the mistake of asking Meghan what she thought of Joe's new glasses. Without missing a beat, my usually adorable 6 year old replied, "Daddy, he looks HOT!" And to tell you the truth, what she really said was dragged out even more, like "Hahhhhhhh-T!" I was so not ready for that, just so you know. I thought I would have at least a few more years before the "boys are hot" stuff kicked in. I always pictured Meghan taking me to the brink of my first coronary at more like 16... not 6. But there it was: Joe Jonas was hot. I took it as my warning that my little girl is growing up, and this was just the first of many more terrifying statements (and actions) to come. The worst part is, there isn't a thing I can do about it. Although I think I will go back to watching award shows by myself for awhile.