If you heard a loud THUD right before you opened up today's blog....it was probably the sound of ME...falling through my front door. LOL. Just got in from working my second job this evening. Sooooo looking forward to getting some much needed sleep. One of my favorite things about the weekends...Friday and Saturday night specifically...is that I can USUALLY go to bed without setting the alarm clock. Let me tell you, not having a 4:45am wake up call two nights a week goes a loooong way towards keeping my sanity in check...lol. First things first for me though. Duty calls before bed...and that means setting aside a few precious minutes to chat with you fine folks. Whomever you might be. And speaking of 4:45am, last night it wasn't the time that my alarm clock went off the way it does on most weekday mornings...it was actually the time that I got INTO bed...UGH! Took advantage of a rare day off from PARENTGUIDE today by working my deliveries through the night last night. I thought...more like hoped and prayed...that I would wake up to a nice, easy, relaxing day today. Silly me...you would think I'd know better by now. Instead, I woke up to a list of chores as Lori and I got the house prepared (as best we could) for hurricane Irene...who apparently is deciding to pay the east coast a visit without an invitation...

...that bitch! Ha ha ha ha. So after all the windows were taped up, the food and supplies were bought, fresh batteries put into the flashlights and radio, and all of the stuff in our backyard moved into the garage...I got to take my sweaty and aggravated buns down to the man cave for a nice, stress-relieving workout. Warmed up with sit-ups, push-ups, squats and leg extensions using my trusty deck of cards...followed by 200 reps using light weights. Barbecued chicken thighs with some veggies and beans (I am all about the protein these days) for dinner with Lori and Meg, then took a quick shower and was out the door when most people were probably just settling in front of the TV or getting ready for bed. Not that I am complaining...kinda...lol. But the night is a fading memory now and I am happy to say that I am hope again. I am even happier to say goodnight...because I am going to bed now. Hoping to wake up to the local weathermen talking about what a big mistake they had make today...and that the hurricane is nothing more than a little bit of summer rain...fingers crossed! But in the event that it IS as bad as they are predicting, let me wish all of you well right now. Be safe, be smart and hopefully we all get through this safe and sound together. Talk to you more tomorrow. Cuz really....what would I do without ya? :)

Thanks for checkin in...g'nite!

Starting Weight - 225 pounds

Current Weight - 219 pounds

Goal Weight - 199 pounds

Total Weight Loss So Far - 6 pounds

Projected Date to Hit Goal Weight - September 19th, 2011