Okay, so here we are again. Can't believe it has been almost three days since my last post. I'm sure anyone who has been reading my blog so far...if anyone has been reading my blog so far that is (lol)...probably just assumed that I decided to give myself a break for the holiday weekend. Definitely not the case, believe me. I committed myself to updating it every single day...and that committment hasn't changed. Unfortunately, my computer went down sometime early Saturday and I haven't had access to another one until today. So while the rest of my family here in Glendale is outside sitting around the table enjoying a smorgasbord of barbecued goodies at the moment, I am inside at the keyboard catching up with you fine folks. On a positive note, it IS air-conditioned in here. So tell me, what's new since last we spoke? My long holiday weekend is almost at an end. And while it was a pretty busy one for me as usual, I still found some time to enjoy myself. I spent the last couple of nights working at job number two. Been crawling through the door at around 3 or 4am each morning straight since this past Thursday. What can you do? Bills need to be paid...companies are funny that way. No rest for the weary and all that. I am happy to report that I hosted a barbecue at my house on Saturday. Love firing up the grill whenever possible. Also love having people over to the new house whenever possible. Thanks again to Ned and Stacey for gracing us with their presence. Had a blast and Meghan looooved having both of you over. Not just because you spoil her so much either. Although that never hurts your chances. Ha ha ha. A special thanks to Stacey for letting me drive your mustang convertable too! Got to cross "driving my dream car (Mustang)" off my bucket list...

...although I still swear to be behind the wheel of a classic (1965 baby!) one day. Not sure if it was me or my daughter who had more fun on the ride. And while the rest of the 4-day weekend meant barbecues, good friends, family, and work for me...I also made sure to keep my head on straight and my eye on the prize. I made sure to make good choices at the table all weekend long. Which isn't always easy when the smell of food cooking on a grill sends you into a frenzy like a shark that smells blood in the water. But while most of my friends and family were munching on burgers and hot dogs, I stuck to grilled chicken. While they were into the chips and dips I made sure to keep some fruit and salad in front of me. And while there was bacon cooking on my stove on Sunday morning (SACRILEDGE!)...I stuck to my egg whites. It's not always easy, but it is always necessary. I also made sure to get my continually-shrinking buns down to the gym in my "man cave" as often as possible too. Even if it meant sacrificing a little sleep by working out at four in the morning when I got home from work. It was really nice to see that my hard work paid off again too, as I dropped another pound and a half on the scale this morning. It is apparent that this weight is coming off slower than I am used to. Certainly slower than I would prefer. As long as it is coming off. Have to keep telling myself that. Looking forward to the week ahead. Hope everyone had a great 4th of July weekend. If you are back reading this post again, thanks so much for sticking with me. I will do my best to get something posted every single day again for the future.

Enjoy the rest of the holiday...for tomorrow it is back to the grind!

Starting Weight - 225 pounds

Current Weight - 222.5 pounds

Goal Weight - 199 pounds

Projected Date to Hit Goal Weight - September 19th, 2011