Ahhhhhhh...now THIS is so much more like it. Generally there is one thing that me, Garfield the cat and The Boomtown Rats all have in common. We Don't Like Mondays. That is always a pretty safe bet on any given week where I am concerned. HOWEVER...this particular Monday did bring ONE positive thing for me...it is the day that I really feel like I got myself back on track again. With the 5K at Yankee Stadium and the Warrior Dash both out of the way I kind of felt like I was losing my focus a little. Skip a workout here...eat a little more than I should there. You know how it goes "I'll get it back tomorrow." Famous last words for anyone with an addiction. I feel like I had a small "moment of clarity" about that last night...and it became even clearer when I stepped on the scale this morning and saw that I gained a pound back. It's only ONE pound you might say...but to me it is a pound in the wrong direction, and that is NOT the direction I want to be headed in. So today was all about righting the ship again. Got myself up bright and early and headed out on my usual 2-mile walk to the LIRR station. Must have miscalcualted my timing a little because I had to run the last half block or so to make the train. Let me tell you, that absolutely SUCKED first thing on a Monday morning...but a run is always better than a walk. Guess I have to take em where I can get em...lol. Also got to walk the 2 miles home from the train tonight...

...which also isn't fun when you're tired, hungry and just want to be HOME. But those two walks were worth about 750 burned calories to me...so again I will take it. My food choices...and especially my portion control have been an issue with me lately too. Made sure to be extra careful at the table all day as well. Started the day by getting my "furnace burning" with egg whites and one piece of whole wheat toast. Grilled chicken with black beans and a small salad for lunch. Then an omlette (2 egg whites and one real egg) with diced veggies for dinner (I know I said I would change it up, but I was hungry and pressed for time...sue me!). In between I had some watermelon and a fat free yogurt. Grand total for the day was about 1,600 calories....give or take. Since I am allowed 2,000 and my walks alone burned off 750, I would say I am off to a good start, wouldn't you? And just to push a little harder than the average bear...I headed downstairs tonight with Meghan during our weekly Monday Night RAW get together and cranked out 200 reps on the weights and a round of cardio with the cards. Just read my little girl to sleep (shhhhhhh! lol) and now it is my turn. Food choices/portions and exercise are only two-thirds of this journey for me...definitely have to start getting a little more sleep in while I can. Job number two is coming up later this week....UGH!

Well...it's time to call it a night. Thanks for checkin in folks....always means alot to me!

Starting Weight - 225 pounds

Current Weight - 219 pounds

Goal Weight - 199 pounds

Total Weight Loss So Far - 6 pounds

Projected Date to Hit Goal Weight - September 19th, 2011