I love a really cool good samaritan story. Especially when they happen to me. Stories about people helping other people out for no reason are rare these days. Definitely too few and far between. And while it really doesn't have much to do with working out or weight loss, it is definitely appreciated and worth sharing, in my own humble opinion. Anyway, I was on my way back from the doctor with Meghan the other day, cruising down the LIE on our way home...obeying the speed limit at all times of course...lol. When all of a sudden.....BOOM......just like out of a movie. We blew a tire on my van...and I mean BLEW. Passenger side rear....the side Meghan was on. Screechin, swervin, the whole nine. So we limped off the highway (in the van I mean) and made it to a gas station close by. Even passed one of the Suffolk County Sherrif Department's finest along the way. He clearly saw me with my hazzards on.....stuck on the side of the road at first....and just looked me off....lucky us. I have to say that meghan is a trooper in situations like this. Tell her she can't go on a play date, watch a certain TV show or stay up as late as she wants and the kid throws a fit like there's ten of her.

But something serious like a blowout where you swerve all over the road and get stranded in the middle of nowhere? Nuthin.....cool as ice. She made friends with the guys in the gas station.....and held the hubcap for me to put the lug nuts in. I'm sure I don't even have to tell you how much I love this little girl. So the long and the short of it was that we were stuck there....and a customer at the station saw us...and offered to drive me, Meg and my shredded tire to the next town to get the tire fixed. He knew the people there......got us a good price on a used tire (I believe it was calle REYVA tires off Old Nichols Road if you're in the area). Then he drove us back to my van....stayed with me while I put the new one on...and refused to take a penny from me as a thank you. He said he considered it an opportunity to do his good deed for the day. Pretty cool....never even gave me his name. Like I said, I love a cool good samaritan story. Not a bad way to start the new week off either. As for the week that was.....the scale says I am down one pound from my last weigh in. At first I was angry...and then I calmed myself down and started asking questions.

Have I been keeping a journal of everything I eat and the calorie count....no.. Did I run at ALL last week....no. Was I as careful as I could have been where food was concerned? Nope. So my anger quickly faded and suddenly I was happy that I lost anything at all...lol. Well on the bright side....I was looking to lose around 2 pounds a week...8 pounds a month...for 5 months. That will get me to 40 pounds by my birthday and take me under the 200 pound mark. As of this week I am now down 4.5 pounds. So my disappointing week is still leaving me right on track goal-wise. And now I just have to make sure that when I ask myself those same questions a week from now, the answers will be YES...and the results on the scale will be much better I am sure. Started out my week with a mile run, followed by a good, solid workout in the man cave tonight. Definitely the right way to get back on the horse. Very excited about the scale next week...stop by to see how I did. And before I sign off, want to say CONGRATULATIONS to the NY Giants...the reigning Super Bowl Champions. While I am not a fan per se, I am happy for the team and it's fans. Hopefully my Steelers are right back in the mix again next year!

Starting Weight - 238 lbs

Weight after Week 1 - 233.5lbs

Goal Weight by June 4th (My birthday!) - 199 lbs

Total Weight Loss So Far - 4.5 lbs