When I was a kid, the first day back at school meant semi-cool new clothes, new school supplies and a brand-new backpack or book bag to show off. Unfortunately, it meant getting out of bed at what seemed like some horribly early hour of the morning after sleeping late all summer long. But at least that was balanced out by the excitement of going to a new classroom and being back with friends I had missed over the summer. In my house, the first day of school was also one of the few days of the year that our usual cereal bowls got left in the cabinet and mom got up extra early to cook breakfast. Nothing fancy, mind you. It usually meant Tom and Jerry or Woody Woodpecker cartoons on the TV while we enjoyed soft boiled eggs in a cup with toast or bacon and biscuits. Definitely not both. Let's not get crazy. And while this menu might not sound like much, believe me, such foods were delicacies in our house growing up. We cherished those treats whenever possible! Even if it did mean we had to go back to school to get them.

I came to the realization at the end of this summer that I definitely look at the first day of school differently as an adult than I did as a kid. It is kind of weird being on the other side of things now as the "grown-up" (and I use that term loosely). First of all, the responsibility is all on us: getting up and out the door on time, making sure lunches and book bags are packed, having the new clothes ready and, of course, making breakfast. Although, these days the bacon, biscuits and beloved cartoons of my youth have been traded in for the Disney channel and healthier choices like oatmeal, cereal and fresh fruit, to which my daughter STRONGLY objects— sorry Meg! The half-day schedules of preschool and kindergarten are also gone now as Meghan just started her first day in 1st grade. So now we add carpools and crowded schoolyards to our daily schedule. At least everything went smoothly for our freshly dressed little 1st grader's first day back at school. And just think, only 11 more first days to worry about until Meghan is done with high school!