Ask me WHY I am still such a big fan of professional wrestling after so many years. No seriously...go ahead. I'll wait. Honestly I couldn't give you an answer. At least not an answer that wouldn't make you roll your eyes anyway. I have a tendency to go towards the sarcastic when I get cornered...just warning ya. Lol. The sad truth is that waaaay back when I was like 9 or 10 years babysitter...who I had the BIGGEST crush on by the way (that is usually how it starts for boys isn't it?)...didn't ask my borhter and I...but TOLD us...we were watching wrestling while she was in charge. She switched on the UHF station of our old-ass TV for some Friday night Lucha Libre...and my brother and I were officially hooked. Three decades later and I still love it. Nowadays I watch it with my daughter, who incidentally might even be a bigger fan than I ever was...and I love that! The reason I am telling you all this is that I started to close out an AWESOME family weekend with the WWE's Money in the Bank Pay Per View here at the house tonight. Just me, Lori, Meghan and my niece Katie...which worked out just fine. Excellent show by the way. All you "non-believers" feel free to keep your opinions to yourselves. ha ha ha. Long day in a long weekend. But a good one just the same. Spent the bulk of today at Belmont Racetrack celebrating Lori's Birthday. Now I know that a day filled with horseracing and professional wrestling might not sound the like most wholesome kind of family fun to be exposing Meghan to...but what can I say, it works for us. Great day out in the warm summer sun with some absolutely GREAT people. Thanks so much to all the friends and family that made the effort to be there today. Had an awesome time and I know it mean alot to Lori too...YAY! If there was one part of today that was tough for me personally, it was that oddly enough...

...Belmont Racetrack doesn't exactly have a whole lot of salads, yogurts, fresh fruits or other healthy options to choose from in the food areas. I know, crazy right? Who'da thunk it!?! ha ha ha. There is a deli in Astoria called Sal, Chris and Charlie's (most people just call it Sal's tho)...and if you've never heard of it or been there...take my word for it and GO! Quality meats, affordable prices, HUGE ass heroes and some of the most friendly people you will ever want to be served by. Anyway, we brought a 3-foot hero from Sal's to the Belmont Backyard today in honor of Lori's birthday. Potato and macaroni salad, chips and dips, even a cake for dessert. We got there a little bit early today, found a good spot, set up for everyone else and then this thought entered my head, "what the HELL am I going to eat???" Damn shame I didn't consider that BEFORE I left the house. A-HA....luckily I did remember to bring watermelon as a snack for of my favorite summer foods! Then I took the MOUND of lettuce and tomato off some of the hero and set that aside as my salad...and ate some of the mountainous cold cuts without the bread. Maybe not the MOST healthy lunch around...but I made due and got through. That is the most important thing. Got back to basics with egg whites, red beans with salsa and a whole grain english muffin for dinner. Because everyone knows when you think Pro Wrestling...nothing goes better than egg Hey, we do what we have to do. Another week in the books and some GREAT summer memories embedded in my mind for eternity. Thanks to everyone who helped to put them there. Signing off now...heading to the basement for a quick workout. Followed by some sleep...YES! The clock will be going off before I know it and then it is on teh scale and back to the grind again tomorrow morning!

As always, thanks for checkin' in...hope your weekend was as much fun as mine!

Starting Weight - 225 pounds

Current Weight - 221 pounds

Goal Weight - 199 pounds

Total Weight Loss So Far - 4 pounds

Projected Date to Hit Goal Weight - September 19th, 2011