For approximately 8 months or so now...ever since I moved from my shoebox apartment in Queens to my dream home in the middle-of-nowhere (lol) Long Island, I have been starting my mornings off by walking a little more than 2 miles to the Long Island Railroad station. Some days those miles seem endless, I won’t lie to ya. But overall it is still a great way for me to start the day. Gets my blood pumpin, my heart rate up and my metabolism churning nice and early. The perfect way to get my inner furnace heated up for the day, as my trainer would say. Today was just another day in that routine. Let me tell you tthough, there’s a BIG difference between doing that walk at the end of October, and doing it in the summer. The sun hadn’t come up yet when I left my house, for one thing. It was dark, rainy, way too humid for the end of October, and definitely more than a little on the spooky side. Aside from the fact that you have to hope that cars see you when they are flying down the side streets, pretending not to notice the stop signs that early in the morning, all of the houses decorated for Halloween in my neighborhood that look so cute during the day are pretty creepy in the darkness before the dawn. Well they say that variety is the spice of life, and my walk was definitely different today. And since I got out of work at a decent hour tonight, I was able to “double my pleasure” by getting the same 2 mile walk, the same 375 calorie burn, and the same spooky side effects on the way home. That is one of the most depressing things about the late fall and winter seasons to me. Leaving my house in darkness to go to work...and coming home from work in total darkness again...ugh. 

There are times lately when it seems like Meghan, Lori and myself all lead separate, busy, “on the go” lives. Because of that I think we have come to appreciate our evenings together as a family. Meghan even asked me how my day was But since we have been so busy lately, Lori and I have been trying to cook a few different meals over the weekend. So that when we do get home on those nights that we are too tired to cook, we already have a few healthy, tasty choices in the frig just waiting to be heated and eaten. I was home first tonight, and by the time Lori and Meg walked through the door there was baked chicken legs, carrots, corn on the cob and black beans with salsa watiting for us...YUM! (I'm the man...I know. ha ha ha ha). And because two long walks are nice, but just not enough for me anymore, once Meghan was fast asleep I headed down to the comfort of my man cave and popped in the day’s DVD P90X workout (shoulders, biceps, triceps and ab ripper X - wheeeew, you can get winded just saying all that! lol). I pushed myself through a killer hour and 15 minute workout that mixed cardio, weights and ab work. Definitely loving it...thanks again to my aunt Barbara and my bacon-lovin’ cousin Meghan (lol) for getting it for me! Lori even made a surprise appearance in the man cave tonight to watch and cheer me on. Which is cool in a way, because this journey of mine can be a pretty lonely one at times...and you just like to show off once in awhile. I got to feel good about myself  and I think she was impressed...maybe. :)

And now, after another productive day, it is that time again. My tired old bones are ready for bed. The alarm goes off at 4:45 in the morning...and that comes way too fast for my tastes. Hope you all had a good day today too. OH....almost forgot....before I crash out, a very Happy Birthday to one of my favorite people of all time. Mr. Dave Walsh....our "Maine" man (he actually lives in Maine now....I didn't spell that wrong). A hunter, fisherman, tracker, guide, white-water-rafter extraordinaire. Glad you came out of the woods long enough to talk tonight. Have a great birthday brother...hope to see you again soon! And to everyone else, thanks as always for checkin in!