Saturday Night in my little corner of Long Island and I am FINALLY starting to feel like myself again. Woke up this morning not QUITE free of the pain that had me feeling like my back is actually tied in knots...but definitely a lot closer to pain free than pain full. Even started out the day on my feet for a few hours at a fundraiser for the local pee-wee football teams here in the area. Strolled around for a couple of hours in the sun...while Meghan had a blast doing sand art, eating homemade goodies and trying out a few different bouncers. Now under normal circumstances with the way I am feeling this week, all that walkingand standing would be enough to get my back barkin. I am happy to report that that was not the case for me today...thank GOD! Definitely not a big fan of being hurt. Oh well...who is? There are some things in this life that are just going to hit us...and it is up to us to deal with those obstacles. That is what I have been doing for the past few days. Taking it a step at a time. If things continue to progress the way that they have been, then I am hoping that when I wake up on Sunday morning I will be completely pain-free. A lot to hope for I know, but what can I tell ya? when I aim, I aim big! LOL.

As far as today goes, I spent most of the day getting stuff done around the house. Tried really hard to keep myself moving all day today...and mission accomplished. Did a lot of walking in what is left of the summer sun this morning at the Football Fundraiser. Spent the afternoon working on "domestic" stuff around house...the kinda stuff we didn't have time to do all week long. And then after dinner tonight I was back down in the man cave for a much more modified, careful and slow workout than I am used to. But a workout just the same. Did as much as I could without putting any added strain on my back muscles. Easier said than done I will admit...but I got there. I always do. Now I am just waiting patiently (and sometimes NOT so patiently) for my back to be 100% healed so I can get back to my REAL workouts. Definitly missing it. And just for the record, I think when that day comes, I am going to start the P90X system all over again. I was one week into it when I hurt my back, but now that I have missed almost a full week of workouts it seems kind of silly not to just start from square one. That's pretty much it for me folks. Thanks as always for checkin in.

Before I sign off for the night, I wanted to take a minute to acknowledge the passing of Meghan's beloved pet fish, SUSHI (she named him - lol). We got him at a carnival the day of the MS walk last year. Almost a year and a half ago. That is a long time for a carnie-fish if you ask me. Meghan didn't share my optimistic outlook unfortunately. To her it was the loss of a close friend. She always handles that pretty well, but it still tough to see my little girl hurting. Sorry honey...R.I.P. Sush.