Now THIS was the kind of day that I have been wanting for myself for awhile now. A busy work schedule and an even busier home/family schedule haven't left a whole lotta "me" time lately. Not that I am complaining, mind you. Things are as they are...and I always try to make the most of whatever time I do get to take care of my own personal responsibilities. But with no work or anything else keeping me up all last night, I was able to get a good night's sleep and still get up first thing this a.m...fairly bright-eyed and start the day. And with Lori and Meghan still sound asleep for awhile, it gave me the rare opportunity to start out the day with a good, long workout. So I laced up my trusty Asics running shoes, zipped up my favorite Steelers hooded sweatshirt (thanks Donna!) and set out to take care of the ONE area of my daily fitness routine that I have been neglecting lately. Normally I would just run from my house to the back of Meg's school and back home....which is good for a quick mile and a quarter or so. But today I was feeling good...and a little defiant of my limitations I pushed myself to do my normal loop to the school and back...and then I turned around and did it again! One of my knees has been BARKIN' like crazy lately...but I wasn't feeling anything but accomplished when I was done this morning. The only bummer for me was that I didn't think to look at my distance tracker (ENDOMONDO of course!) before I stopped. I clocked myself at about 2.7 miles. Which is good for sure...but if I had known how close I was to the three mile mark, I definitely would have pushed myself to get there. Oh well....that is what tomorrows are for., I burned 500 calories give or take...and that is always a good thing.

From there it's time for a shower and some well-earned breakfast, right? Well maybe for some people....but I was just getting warmed up. With the house still full of quiet air aside from the occasional snore from the women in my life (cats included), I headed down to the sanctuary of my beloved man cave to keep my one man, early mornin, gettin healthy party goin. Try and say THAT five times fast.....I dare ya! But when all was said and done, I had cranked out more than 300 ab/core exercises (ouch - my achin tummy!) and 225 reps on the weights...on top of the run that started things off for me. Gotta love those numbers...I know that I sure do. And this was all before 10am. Well if that was the perfect way to start my day off, a quick trip out to New Jersey was the perfect way to wrap it up. My "little sister" will be celebrating her birthday tomorrow....and I will happily tell you all about her in TOMORROW's blog entry...but today me, my brother and our "sister from another mister" Miss Donna Marie Hayes, all headed out to my sister's Middlesex County neighborhood to spend the day with her. It has literally been YEARS since the four of us sat down together with no one else....and we had some good food and alot of laughs. And now I am home for the rest of the evening....feeling solid of mind AND body...a wonderful combination if you ask me. Getting ready to get another good night of rest...followed by another solid workout to start out the day tomorrow. Hoping to "double my pleasure" as the ads say...with a run and workout of my own design in the morning, followed by a round of P90X in the evening....can't wait! Hope you're having a good weekend so far too. Keep on moving and thanks so much for checkin in!