My favorite weekends are the ones that my wife Lori, my daughter Meghan and I get to spend together. Making that happen isn't as easy as it sounds. I work two jobs and try to maintain a lot of personal and family commitments all week long. Lori also works two jobs and is home with Meghan all day. And as for Meghan, my six year old has a busier social schedule than both of us. So any weekend that the three of us get to spend together is a weekend that I cherish. Luckily for me, we just had one. Things began for on Saturday with a wedding reception. The festivities were held at Joey's Place in Queens. A great Italian restaurant and party place. It is also the hall where Lori and I held our own wedding reception just a few years ago. Not to mention Meghan's christening.

So Joey's Place is pretty special to us whenever we get a chance to be there, especially for such a happy event. And I am constantly reminded of how much my little girl is growing up, although I am really not all that cool with it (ha). Meghan looked beautiful. Her hair and nails were done, her bright blue dress made her already beautiful blue eyes POP, and the shoes we let her pick for herself even had a little heel. She is in heels already.....give me strength! One of the best things about an afternoon party is that you get home early and can attempt to get your child to sleep early too. That was a huge help to us, because we were up and out bright and early on Sunday morning. A close cousin of mine is married to a great guy who unfortunately struggles with Multiple Sclerosis on a daily basis.

My cousin (also named Meghan) is a tremendous fighter for her husband's cause, and every year she organizes a team to take part in the M.S. walk that steps off at the South Street Seaport. Well in an effort to support a good cause AND keep my family moving in a healthier direction, the three of us joined in the cause as proud walking members of “Larry's Legs.” We did a nice leisurely 3-mile walk through Battery Park. Stopping a bunch of times of course, but Meghan was still a trooper. I was really proud of her for pumping her little legs for six miles on a Sunday morning when most people were still in bed. All in all a great weekend for the three of us. And with summer right around the corner, hopefully there are a LOT more of these family weekends waiting for us!