I can honestly say that in the world of P90X workouts, if the other day's Yoga X was my LEAST favorite of everything that I have done so far, then tonight's is by far my MOST favorite. Tonight my friends...was Kenpo X. It is a faced paced, high octane hour of punches, kicks, blocks and fat burning combinations of the three. Not to mention some jumps, leaps and additional cardio work as well. Tony Horton, the self-proclaimed "leader of the band" in every P90X DVD describes Kenpo X as "an hour of workout fun that is over before you know it.." I am happy to report that he is 100% right on that one. So I got in another hot, sweaty workout thanks to Tony and the people at P90X. Still can't wait to get to day 90...just out of curiosity, ya know? But anyway...it was a good day today in the man cave. A good day all around really. Spent part of the day in Queens visiting with friends and family, running a few errands too,000000000000000000000000 the usual domestic weekend stuff that we can't get done Monday - Friday. Had dinner and a few laughs with some of our neighbors tonight too. Can't even begin to tell you how lucky Lori and I consider ourselves as far as our neighbors go.

You never really know what you are going to get when you move to a new place. Just because you find the perfect place doesn't mean that the perfect people come with it. Although that IS the case with us. Since we moved in around 8 months ago Lori and I have learned that there are some great people on this block of ours. Nice, generous, always around to lend a helping hand....and believe me, many of those helping hands were needed whne you take us three city folks and move us out to the suburbs for the very first time.So all in all a pretty good start to the weekend so far. Even got a little work done down in the man cave today. Looking forward to getting some more stuff done around the house tomorrow....not to mention a day of football on TV. Looooove those chilly football Sundays in the fall. The one thing I didn't get to do today is run. HOWEVER, I have gone a bunch of times so far this week....so at least I am moving in the right direction when I AM moving...lol. Looking forward to the day ahead tomorrow. Hope its been a good week and an even better weekend for everyone so far. Keep on moving...I will see more of you tomorrow.