My parents grew up in a different era and with a different mind set than me. They are laid back about certain things like how they display their pictures. They were always too concerned with working to support their three kids to be bothered with pesky things such as getting picture frames, matting photos, using nails and finding a spot on the wall to hang photographs. But to this day, there is one particular area filled with photos in my mom and dad's Astoria apartment that I absolutely love. Taped to the refrigerator in their kitchen is a clump of photographs of my brother, my sister and me growing up. The ends are folded up on a lot of the pictures. Others have turned yellow in various places from sitting in the same spot where the sun has been coming in through the kitchen window for decades. As it sounds, those imperfections might make me love the picture spot even more. Because no matter what, it has stood the test of time.

My favorite picture of the bunch was taken more than 25 years ago in the parking lot of our local church. It shows my dad on one knee next to my little sister in her white communion dress. She stands complete with white shoes, veil and purse. It is a great shot of the two of them and it is one I have admired since my childhood. And for the past seven years or so, I have dreamt of the day that I would get to have a picture like that of my very own. Luckily for me, that dream becomes a reality this month. On May 15, my amazing little girl Meghan makes her first Holy Communion. She'll make this rite of passage in the same church that my sister made hers all those years ago. I have to tell you, I am more excited about this milestone than Meghan is. I even went out and bought my first traditional black suit for the occasion. I may be more dressed up than my dad was back in the early 80s in his jeans, boots and leather vest, I am sure that the pride we both have as a father watching his daughter take part in an important rite of passage will be the same.