For those of you that don't know, a few months ago my wife, my daughter and I left our teeny, tiny (but cozy) little one (and a half - kinda) bedroom apartment in Queens behind. It wasn't an easy thing to do, but it was definitely time. We traded in our shoebox of a place for our four-bedroom dream house in Long Island. Way out in Long island. Way, waaaay out in Long They say that the farther out you go, the more affordable things are. So think of the farthest spot on Long Island you've ever been to...and our price range was probably just a little bit past that. Not that I am complaining mind you. The place is incredible. Aside from the bedrooms it comes complete with front and back yards, eat in kitchen, a front room, dining room, linen closet, and last but not least, the part of the house that sold me the most...a huge basement that I have quickly claimed as my own private "man cave." You wouldn't think there could be a down-side to finally having your dream house, would you? Well for the most part there isn't. HOWEVER, my only complaint might be that while I finally have an AWESOME house to call my own...I am not always around enough to enjoy it. Having a place like this means some added responsibilities for me personally. Namely, more bills and a horrendous daily commute. I am out of my house at 6am every morning to get to work in the big city by 9am.

Conversely, I am out of my office at a little after 5pm and can end up getting home as late as 8:30pm. I am getting used to it...although I have to say I am dreading the thought of the two-mile walk to the train in the pitch-black, freezing winter mornings that are just a few short months away. But anyway, back to reality. I walked through the front door this evening at around 8:30pm....and I have to tell you all I could think of was getting to bed. Between my aching back and my restless daughter (who seems to live on even less sleep than me), I didn't sleep very well last night....and I am beat. Unfortunately for me, and that is sort of the point of this evening's blog, it is definitely tough to get everything done AND get to bed at a decent hour in my house. By the time I had dinner, straightened up, hung out with Lori and Meghan, got in a quick. light workout in the man cave (while watching Sons of Anarchy......a show you absolutely SHOULD be watching if you're not) it was already close to midnight when I sat down here to bang out my blog. So there you have it. Trying to stay responsible while another attempt at a good night's sleep is  What can you do...all things come with a price....and for me sacrificing a little sleep for a happy home is well worth it.     

Have a good night folks...thanks for checkin in!