Maaaaaan, where the heck did this day go? A better question still, is where the heck did this weekend go? Unreal how quickly the days seem to be flying by. I will tell you that Sundays in the fall are some of my favorite days of the year. Today was definitely one of those days...even if it technically isn't the fall season yet. For me, Sundays in the fall usually mean good friends, good food and good football. I am happy to report that today I got to enjoy all three. Instead of sitting in front of the TV for the opening game's one o'clock kick-off as usual, I was actually out watching my friend's son Thomas...the cutest little almost 8 year old to ever put on a in his first game of the year. His team got smoked like a cheap cigar unfortunately...but Lori, Meg and I were still happy to be there to support him. Besides, his isn't the first team to say "we'll get em next week" and they won't be the last either. After our few hours in the sun, we headed back home and whipped up an early dinner of roasted chicken and a whooole bunch of sides (veggies!), and some of our friends and neighbors joined us for dinner and dessert. Let me tell you, growing up with "party parents" who got married and had kids right out of high school (right after the 1960's), our door was literally ALWAYS open to anyone who wanted to stop by...and someone always did. I am definitely cut from that same cloth.

If it was up to me there would be great tasting food, good conversation and rooms full of laughter and good cheer every night at our place...especially now that we have the room. And when everyone went home, the dishes were all done, the plates were put away and Meghan was finally out cold, I headed down to my trusty man cave for a good workout to end the old week and kick off the new. I have to say I am really excited too. Not just because the Steelers won today either...although that is always a plus in my book. But because today was also my first day that was completely free of back pain....whoooooo hoooooooo! That means I was able to start pushing a little harder in thh gym again. Started the evening festivities with a brisk mile run, followed by a rapid-fire session of 100 push-ups, sit-ups, squats and leg extensions (4 sets of 25 each to get the old heart-rate up). And for "dessert"...after almost two full weeks of baby-fying things....I banged out about 200 reps with the weights. Definitely a good way to start/end your week. Looking forward to tomorrow too. Because with my back at full strength once again I plan to start fresh frst thing in the a.m. Time to get strict in the diet again...counting those calories...keeping it around 1,800 a day...and walking to and from the train (although being able to run is the real goal). And last but not least...drum-roll please...I will be starting off the P90X plan all over again...did I mention so excited!  :) 

I really  think the next three months (90 days) as we close out the year, are going to be really special ones for long as I hang in there. Something is heading my way...I can feel it. I will keep you posted as always. And before I sign off, want to wish a VERY Happy Birthday to my "brother from another mother," Mr. Edward James Julio Brown, Jr. We met waaaaaay back in P.S. 70 while he was in 3rd grade and I was in 5th (he was in my brother's class). A chance encounter made us friends...and after 3,000 miles of distance and nearly 3 decades, I am still proud to call him my friend. So happy birthday old timer...hoping this year is one of the best deserve it!

Good night all...hope it was a great weekend!