I am both proud and honored to say that I got to see a little piece of heaven today. It is always a great feeling for me personally whenever I get to see someone I care about truly happy. Seems like that just doesn't happen often enough anymore. But it is definitely safe to say that that is the case for my trainer and friend Jonathan...and his other (better) half, Monika. After years of searching and hoping, they recently found their dream house. Apparently it's been hiding up in Putnam County this whole time...why is that always the last place I think to look? LOL. Well out of respect for their privacy I won't go into great detail about the place....other than to say it is awesome. It is everything they have ever wanted...situated in the middle of some truly breathtaking country...and it is a testament to the fact that dreams can come true. There is a part of me that will always believe that it was fate that brought the Jman and I together. No one who knows what I have gone through can argue that it was the years of training with him that finally got the weight off of me, trained me to be a better, healthier person and kept me alive when some of my closest friends were being taken from us all way too early. Not that he wants any credit for it mind you....really not his style...but I'll never forget. I try to honor our time and accomplishments by always continuing down that right road...hopefully taking a few people along the way with me.

A year ago this week I was in a hospital bed in Brooklyn after emergency surgery....being told by a very surprised surgeon that my recovery was MIRACULOUS (love saying that). Today I am living with my family in a huge house in Long Island. Now Jonathan and Moni get to live out their own dreams in the place they have waited a lifetime for. I have heard people say from time to time, that very often bad things happen to good people. Well I am here to tell you that sometimes fate and kharma gets it right. Congrats guys...the house is amazing. Glad I could be there to help you out today. I was honored to be your first official visitor. Can't wait to see it when it's all done! So my trip upstate may have been the highlight of my day by far...but luckily it was certainly not my only accomplishment. I woke up bright and early this morning...even though I had the day off from work (Lori thinks I am quite crazy - I say what's her point? LOL)....and I went out for a run. Kept a good pace and jogged about two-and-a-half miles...then walked the whole distance back as my cool down. Nothing like burning almost 800 calories on a chilly Friday morning. LOL. Then tonight, after coming home from Putnam...I headed down to the man cave for a round of cards (WITH sit-ups again!) and some light weights. Feeling very accomplished on this day. Now I just have to figure out how to top that tomorrow.

Sorry, by the way, for not posting yesterday at all. The intention was there, but unfortunately for me, the capability ISN'T always there (I was stranded for the night with no computer access.....ugh!).

Here's wishing you a happy and healthy weekend...until tomorrow!