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Looking Back, Moving Forward

While I may get my mail delivered somewhere else these days, I think in my heart there will always be a part of me that calls Astoria, Queens my home. I was born and raised there. I spent the bulk of my life playing, working and going to school there. I still have some of my closest friends and family there too. So the other day I was passing through Astoria on my way back to Long Island. I turned off Broadway onto 43rd Street, my old block. Passed by my old building (where my mom and dad still live after more than 40 years), rolled past the childhood home of my still best friend to this day (hi Donna!), and finally crossed over 31st Avenue at the top of the hill. The quick little journey brought me face to face with P.S. 70, the elementary school I attended from grades K-6, A lifetime ago. As I drove past the school, I was suddenly flooded with a memory that I hadn’t thought...

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K for Kommitment

Okay, okay, ya got me. "K" is definitely NOT for commitment. But you have to admit, I got your attention. I absolutely can not believe how much time has passed since my last post. It is definitely true what they say. Time flies...whether you are having fun or not, apparently. For me, the past four or five weeks have brought on some very hectic times. Both personally and professionally. And while I am still hanging in there where it comes to being smart and making the right choices, it has definitely been a struggle. I am doing "okay" (the English language's most wishy-washy word - lol)...but I KNOW I could be doing better. Still trying to motivate myself every day. Which I am guessing most people can relate to. One of the ways I thought I could sort of "jump-start" myself in the motivation department was to FORCE myself to...

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"Getting It"

Well I am happy to say that I feel like I am finally starting to "get it" again. It took me a couple of weeks, and I have to admit that that worried and surprised me a little bit. But finally I feel like I am back on track again, and I finally had the kind of week that I feel like I was supposed to be having all along. Things just seemed to fall into place, as I have been hoping they would for awhile now. After what seemed like an endless amount of personal hurdles and excuses these last few weeks, I was able to sort of put it all together on a personal level again. I was able to get down to the man cave and get my regular workouts in....mixing together a nice little blend of cardio and light weight training. I was also able to make better, healthier food choices at mealtimes. And last but certainly not least, I made sure that I pushed myself to count my...

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Holidays and Milestones

Okay, first and foremost, before I even get started here. Did everyone survive the blizzard of 2012? ha ha ha ha. Sorry to anyone who may have actually gotten some snow in their area last weekend, by the way. I just thought it was funny here in NYC that with all of the predictions we heard...6 inches, 8 inches, 12 inches....we got a dusting at best. And let me tell you, nooooo one was happier about that fact than me. My daughter Meghan was upset, as her head was filled with thoughts of snowmen, sledding and a day or two off from school maybe. But you know what? She is eight and will have plenty of snow-filled days in her life to enjoy. For her dad (that's me), life is busy enough and hectic enough without having to deal with snow and ice on top of it, thank you very much. And speaking of life, I was reflecting on mine over the past week. I came to the conclusion all...

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Back in the groove

I love a really cool good samaritan story. Especially when they happen to me. Stories about people helping other people out for no reason are rare these days. Definitely too few and far between. And while it really doesn't have much to do with working out or weight loss, it is definitely appreciated and worth sharing, in my own humble opinion. Anyway, I was on my way back from the doctor with Meghan the other day, cruising down the LIE on our way home...obeying the speed limit at all times of course...lol. When all of a sudden.....BOOM......just like out of a movie. We blew a tire on my van...and I mean BLEW. Passenger side rear....the side Meghan was on. Screechin, swervin, the whole nine. So we limped off the highway (in the van I mean) and made it to a gas station close by. Even passed one of the Suffolk County Sherrif Department's finest along the...

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