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Wish List

You know Christmas is over when your autistic son is already typing up notes:

Valentine’s Day 5 presents
St. Patrick's Day 7 presents
Easter 4 presents
June is the big one – Build a post office!

Every other holiday aside from Christmas, I give VHS tapes as presents. They cost more to ship from Amazon than to purchase. But, seriously, a post office? For Crew's birthday last year, he wanted a library. We all thought that was so cute. He said with a library, he could arrange all of his VHS tapes in one place. He would stamp them with a date and use a lamp to pretend it was a scanner. And they say autistic kids are not supposed to pretend on their own.

Then after Christmas last year, Crew started asking, “Library for my Birthday? June birthday, Library.” I never said yes or no, but shook my head to prompt him...

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My First

It should be that my firstborn is all I have been able to think about ever since my ex-husband told me he wants to take our 12 year old to Disney World in January. I haven't taken my sons there because I can't even drive by a sign that says airport without my 11-year-old son saying, "NO AIRPORT!"

My second born, Crew, is autistic. It doesn’t seem likely that he’ll agree to go on a plane anytime soon. I know my ex is planning this trip for all the right reasons. But I want to be the one who takes Cross to Disney, or for that matter anywhere by plane. I want to see the excitement on his face when he embarks on his first plane ride, the smile when he is amazed how big Disney World is. There are many things that we have adapted to since autism entered our lives, and I have always rolled with it. However, this is a hard one. I feel extremely selfish feeling...

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Crew's Voice

As most of you know, my name is Christy Reinhardt. I have two beautiful boys. Cross is 12 and Crew is 11. Crew is autistic. I have spent my life thus far trying to advocate, protect and raise my children so that they may both thrive and be happy. Sounds easy, right? What you may not know is that the truth is the answer to that is both yes and no.

The idea itself is simple— all children deserve the chance and or the opportunity to partake in life and all is has to offer. They deserve to be happy and to find a purpose. What I think helps accomplish this is was taught growing up: Treat others the way that you would like to be treated yourself. Such a simple and pure idea. I believe that people are innately good. The hard part is that we were ill prepared in dealing with the growing number of autistic and special needs children. The problems or issues grew faster than the...

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Can you believe pediatric doctors are turning away children who are not vaccinated? I guess they do not know what it is like to have your child stolen in the middle of the night two weeks after a big vaccination day. When all the words you have taught your child in 18 months are now gone! Imagine, your child's hair texture has changed and a bomb could go off and your child would not hear it.

When you take your child to the doctor to figure out what has happened and the practitioner says the word “autism” for the first time, then as a mother the guilt starts. Did I do this to my child? He didn't ask to be vaccinated.

This is what happened to me 11 years ago. I always sit and wonder if I knew what I know now, would I have done the vaccinations? If someone explained all the risks, would the outcome be different? I am not sure. I was a young mom with two...

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Speaking from Experience

I have spent eight long years trying to understand autism; my diagnosed son Crew is 11. I don't know if I will ever figure it out, but this is what I know is true. For all the people saying that they cured their child of autism... STOP! It is unfair to hear such nonsense. It is like an alcoholic saying he is cured. Addicted people like those with autism will always have it in them. It is about self-regulating.

As parents of disabled children, we need to start throwing caution to the wind. After all the years of making sure every situation is right so the meltdown won't happen. After never trying new things because we are scared of what was going to happen. After not trusting my son enough to be responsible for himself. I am done!

We do not give these kids enough credit. Trust that I have done what I am saying. Last year my family went to Vermont in the summer for a...

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