Helen Anderson

Helen Anderson, RN, CLE, is the Founder and Chief Lactation Officer of Milkies. As a wife and mother to three children, each one with unique breastfeeding joys and challenges. Helen is passionate about sharing helpful information that truly helps mothers enjoy their personal breastfeeding journey. The inspiration for Milkies was born in 2007 after Helenís second son was born. As a nurse in busy emergency room and trauma center, she struggled with breastfeeding and storing breast milk for her 12 hour shifts. Milkies began as a solution to maximize breast milk storage. It has evolved into a trusted source for breastfeeding information and support. †With a focus on the latest research and evidence based recommendations, Helenís Milkies blog highlights the best in breastfeeding. Helen is one of the most trusted sources for breastfeeding information. Best for Babes, Breastfeeding Mama Talk, BlogHer and ABC News have invited Helen to give helpful tips and blast breastfeeding myths. Follow Helen and Milkies on Facebook at Fairhaven Belly to Breast and MyMilkies.com/blog.

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