Bobette Thompson

Bobette Thompson is the newly elected President of the National Association of Child Care Professionals (NACCP). Thompson has served the organization since 2002 and also serves as the president/CEO of Child Care Systems of America, Inc., an early education management and consulting company. In over 25 years in the industry, she has participated in the opening of 25 centers and consulted with numerous others throughout the country. Thompson advocates using Softsoap brand, which has teamed up with the American Public Health Association, to prevent the spread of germs. Softsoap’s new “Get Ready” hand washing timers attach directly to the Softsoap pump. When pressed, they play a fun song for 20 seconds, the time it takes to properly wash hands. All of the NACCP child care centers are receiving Softsoap hand washing kits, including the hand washing timers, to aid childcare providers in teaching proper hand washing habits in the classroom.

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