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Antonia Lofaso

Find other great recipes in chef Antonia Lofasoís The Busy Momís Cookbook (Avery). Also tune in to her show Beat the Chefs on Thursdays on GSN.

Recipes by Antonia Lofaso

  • Deep-Fried Fluffer Nutter Sandwich When I was a kid, my mom was big on serving her family real foods. She never let me have fun foods like marshmallow fluff, and I was always trying to sneak over to my friendís house, where they had all the good stuff. Now this marshmallow fluff dessert is my restaurantís bestseller. People come in and take pictures of it, blog about it and come back for more. Sorry, mom! I like to use pan de mie or brioche, but challah also works well, and even good old white bread will do.