Planning a Fun, Active Holiday with Kids and the Family Dog

Americans spend around 90% of their time indoors and that means one thing: adults, children, and pooches can benefit from fun, nature-filled holidays. For many people with kids and pets, the thought of organizing a holiday can be a little daunting. How to travel stress-free, find a spot that everyone will enjoy, and ensure you bring everything you all need without carrying a bigger load than you can bear? The great news is that, for most Americans, vacations are a necessary part of family life. They allow you to bond, create memories, and share plenty of laughter. Just make sure you don't leave home without your pooch, too!

Getting Your Vehicle Ready

Flight travel is easy with pets if you have a dog or kitty that is light enough to take on board with you. If, however, you are after a more rugged holiday closer to home, then an RV may just be the ideal vehicle to make it happen. The New York Times reports that ‘the Great American Road Trip’ is more popular than ever, and of the reasons is that you can take Fido along for the ride. From the years 2015 to 2018, the number of road travelers jumped from 22% of vacations taken to 39%. RVs are a popular choice because it allows you the room you need for carriages, cradles, dog toys, dog food etc., and, if equipped right, enables you to stop wherever and whenever your heart desires.

Let the Whole Family Draft their Own Bucket List

If you have older kids, then they may have always dreamed of visiting Niagara Falls, or of white water rafting in the Smoky Mountains. After planning out your general route, try to ensure that everyone gets to see at least one thing they dream of, within your intended geographical limits. Ensure that your dog will be well taken care of while you are partaking in adventure activities. Be prepared if necessary to share dog-sitting duties. For instance, one parent and one child might go for a gentle walk along child-friendly trails, while another parent and child try a little abseiling. Fido should also partake of the stress-busting effects of nature so try to ensure that there is something fun for him to do every day. 

First Aid is First

Ensure your first aid kits for humans (and pooches) are well-stocked. If you will be traveling at a cold time of the year, don’t leave your dog’s vest, snow boots, nose balm etc., home. If your next holiday will be during the summer, make sure to stock up on foldable water bottles, easy-to-carry snacks, a flotation vest for your pooch, etc. Of course, bring all the vital medications you need - including tea tree oil and mosquito repellent for kids, and flea and tick preventive treatment, a cleansing solution for possible cuts and scrapes, eye ointment etc. for dogs.

Pamper Yourselves Every Now Again

Whether you are traveling by car or RV, you deserve a pampering night or two during your holiday. Check out what different pet-friendly hotels have to offer in terms of free use of gyms, spas, etc. Try to find hotels that are dog- but also child-friendly. That is, if you are at the spa, there should ideally be fun, supervised activities for kids as well onsite. These may include cinema showings, cooking workshops, and other activities that can keep kids engrossed for hours. 

For most dog owners, nothing appeals more than bringing their furry BFF along on a road trip. When kids are also in the equation, comfort becomes a prime consideration, which is why choosing a large, comfortable vehicle is key. The good thing about traveling by road is that you can teach day as it comes, adapting to kids’ needs and states and choosing places that offer activities (both indoor and outdoor) that everyone in the family will enjoy.