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Make it a Musical Summer

If you’re like most Long Island parents, you probably attended your child’s school concerts and musicals in amazement as your child’s talents shined brightly on display. Schools do a great job of bringing out our kid’s unique gifts but parents are rarely given direction on how to help their child grow their musical abilities.

Music lessons are great for kids who show interest in the arts and taking lessons with a professional instructor can help them learn to sing and play a musical instrument quickly! Although many people think that music lessons end once the school year has finished, the best musicians will always tell you that summertime is the best part of the year for kids to pursue their musical journey.

During the summer, kids have more time to focus and be creative without needing to compete with homework or other afterschool activities. When planning out your child’s summer activities, remember that all music lessons are not the same and it’s important to find a lesson provider who will fulfill your child’s needs as an individual. Check out my 5 tips to help you find the perfect music lesson provider:

1.Take lessons with an instructor who will teach you the music you want to play.

Having a teacher who has a fun, positive attitude makes learning easier. You will feel inspired and encouraged, like you can take on the world! Best of all, a music teacher who is focused on making lessons fun will teach you the music you want to play. This seems like a given, but actually, many teachers insist on teaching in the same style in which they were taught. These teachers don’t pay attention to what their students are interested in, because they are hung-up on one particular teaching method. You will want to start with a teacher who is extremely versatile and can show you how to play not only by the book, but also by ear.

2. Take lessons in an environment designed for private lessons.

In-home lessons or lessons at a teacher’s house are often riddled with distractions. Phone calls, texting, household tasks, cooking smells, and other disruptions can lead to non-productive lesson time. Plus, many students end up feeling too comfortable at home, which can lead to a more lax attitude during lessons.

If you go one step further and take lessons at a music school, it should be designed for private lessons and have office staff who takes care of all the scheduling, so the teacher is free to focus all of their attention on you. When teachers are distracted by things like scheduling and client phone calls, it can be difficult for them to focus on their priorities. A teacher’s #1 priority should always be to give you the best lesson experience possible.

The best part of taking lessons at a music school is that when you see others around you taking lessons and having fun, it inspires you to stick with it and become truly amazing!

3. Take lessons from a provider who offers recitals.

Every student deserves the opportunity to perform in recitals. After all, this is your chance to show off all that talent and hard work!

Many students feel nervous before their first recital. Nervousness is normal, and can even be seen as a positive—it shows that you care about what you are doing! The truth is, you will gain so much confidence after having performed. Recitals can really help students move forward, as they are a great way to set concrete goals. Also, it’s fun and inspiring to see what the other students do!

Despite the benefits, recitals should never be mandatory. Students should choose to participate when they are ready. Sometimes it builds confidence to just come and watch.

4. Take lessons at a place clients rave about.

Does your lessons provider have testimonials on their website? And what do they say? When you find a place where the client’s words really resonate with you, that’s where you should go. Often, you’ll find that this is place is run by a music lessons authority. When a music program is run by someone who has many years of teaching experience, they know specifically how to deliver exceptional lessons and also what to look for in teachers they hire.

5. Did I mention that you should take lessons from somewhere that’s fun?

I know I did, but I want to stress it one more time! Students who enjoy their lessons do so much better and progress so much faster.

Lessons should have structure. Lessons should be informative. Lessons should be inspiring. And…

Music lessons should be fun!