Harnessing The Musical Talent Of Your Child

Did you know that Justin Bieber received his first drum set when he was only two years old? He soon mastered it, along with the guitar, piano, and tuba. In 2008, when he was only 13 years old, he signed a contract with Usher and like they say, the rest is history. While some children like playing outside or on the latest PlayStation or Xbox, some take a keen interest in music from an early age by constantly listening to music, singing or wanting to play a musical instrument. Although you might not want your child to be the next Bieber, you will want to be able to identify musical talent in your youngster as well as know how to best harness it. There are a number of ways, such as the following, through which you can encourage a child that displays musical talent to further his or her interests.

Encourage creativity

It is important to teach children to think outside the box, especially if they display a particular interest in music. It is imperative that a child gives free reigns to their creativity if they want to forge a career for themselves in the music industry. You can encourage creativity in a number of ways such as inciting your child to write his own songs, regardless of how short or corny they are or by letting him play drums on various pieces of furniture and other items around the house. If your child is exceptionally talented, help him harness his talent by investing in the equipment and instruments required to give him a solid foundation as a promising musician. You don’t have to spend a fortune but attempt to get quality items that will last for a significant period of time.

Encourage practice and passion

If your child enrolls in vocal or instrumental lessons, encourage them to practice. Explain to them that practicing at least half an hour a day will allow them to progress and improve a lot faster than if they didn’t practice at all. It is important to not be too forceful as that can deter them from practicing altogether. One tactic to use is to point out how many hours their favorite artist has to practice a day. Try to motivate instead of push and see what a remarkable difference it makes in your child’s diligence. Regardless of your personal opinion regarding music, it is important to never pass judgment on your child’s passion. Allow them to reach for their dreams fully without discouraging them in any way. There is absolutely nothing that means more to a child than a parent who is supportive of his ambition.

Praise effort instead of natural ability

If you continuously praise a child’s natural talent without him making the effort to practice and better himself, he may soon become lazy. When you praise effort, however, a child becomes more willing to take risks and work harder to better himself even more. With praise comes an increased sense of responsibility, something that will serve a child with musical talent very well in the long term.

Whether your child is destined to be the next Ed Sheeran or Beyonce or merely enjoys singing or playing a musical instrument, your support and encouragement are pivotal. The sooner a musical talent is identified and harnessed, the sooner you can afford your child the opportunity to follow his dreams and be the best that he can be.