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Family-Friendly Budget Travel Tips

You shouldn’t have to miss out on your dream family vacation or even go into debt to pay for your travel expenses. With the help of these simple tips, anyone can travel on a budget if they plan accordingly and take advantage of some cost-saving opportunities.


If you are planning a trip with a flight, you should immediately download the Hopper app. This app allows you to save desired flight information months in advance. It monitors average flight costs over long periods of time and will inform you if the flight you are following is at a low price. The app gathers data on flight cost patterns, so its predictions could save you a lot of money.


A simple way to earn cash-back for hotel and car rental expenses is by making purchases through Rakuten. This website identifies consumer trends from your activity. In return you receive a cash reward, which can help offset other expenses on your trip.

Airbnb & VRBO

In some areas, hotel prices can be very high. Luckily, online services like Airbnb and VRBO easily connect you to rental properties that are lower cost. There are usually one-time cleaning and service fees tacked onto your total, so staying multiple nights in a row at the same property will lower the cost of each night individually.


Groupon will be your best resource for booking discounted family-friendly activities. You can find anything from tickets to sporting events, zoos, and even horseback riding! There are thousands of family activities offered, all at a reduced rate. By booking online before your trip through
Groupon, you can save money and assure that your family will have plenty to do together while on your vacation.

While using these apps and online resources can always be helpful, sometimes the most practical way to save for your family vacation is simply by...

Planning Ahead

Booking flights early, reserving hotels and rental properties in advance, and looking for deals online can save you a lot of money. Calculate how much you will need to save from each paycheck between now and your trip. Create a recurring automatic transfer of that amount into your savings account for each pay period – this is an easy way to save without even thinking about it. You will enjoy your family vacation the most if you are comfortable with your budget and spending. Have a great trip!